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12 Plants That You Can Drink Or Smell To Reverse Inflammation and Fight Cancer!

Besides they can beautify your garden, flowers can actually be used as essential ingredients in medicine and food, as well. In addition, a lot of flowers, which are edible contain great amounts of phenolics and also can act as an excellent antioxidant agents. You can add them in your food or a tea in order to prevent the development of chronic diseases.

Moreover, the remedies made up of flowers as a result of the fact that they are almost tasteless, can be added in any food, water, or even directly in your mouth.

It is important to know that flowers don’t have negative effects on medications. So, they can be with traditional treatments because they are extremely beneficial in the healing process and also they are able to help the people and animals to better overcome stress situations.

We are going to present you some of the most beneficial flowers:

- Jasmine

Jasmine’s scent is able to boost a sense of well-being and calmness. This flower is usually added to salads and green tea because of its fragrance. It is considered that jasmine contains anti-carcinogenic and anti-viral properties. In addition, jasmine tea has a capacity to decrease the risk of heart attacks, to prevent diabetes, and also to strengthen your immune system.

- Rose

Rose is considered to be the king of flowers and therefore it has a special place in Chinese medicine. It is also considered that this flower is rich in phenolics, i.e., an ingredient with anti-inflammatory properties. Also, it is believed to be abundant in vitamins, and to be able to decrease the risk of diabetes, heart disease and even cancer. Moreover, red roses have an ability to stimulate your energy, to make you more active, and also more confident.

- Peony

Despite, peony are used as decorate wedding flowers, they can relieve depression if are consumed. To explain you more deeply, this flower is considered to be one of the oldest flowers, i.e., 4000 thousands years old. It contains powerful calming, sedative, and also anti-convulsive properties. You should also know that it contains paeonol, i.e., an antibacterial ingredient, which is an amazing anti-fungal and anti-inflammation agent that treats wounds, skin inflammations and irritations. Peony is usually used in the treatment of strained nervous conditions or nightmares, neurological disorders, and high blood pressure, as well.

- California Poppy

California Poppies aren’t actually addictive and don’t contain any opium. You can use them in order to decrease anxiety and insomnia, and also bladder issues experienced in children and adults. In addition, you can use California Poppies along with other natural ingredients for a longer period if you want to help the treatment of depression and fatigue.

- Pansies

Pansies have positive effects on your kidneys, heart, and also blood pressure because they are abundant in potassium and other minerals. It is important to know that the ointments and skin creams that contain pansy have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Furthermore, these flowers can be used in the treatment of various skin problems, for instance: acne, itching, psoriasis, eczema, impetigo, and cradle cap. Also, the pansy tea can be very beneficial remedy in this treatment.

- Hibiscus

Hibiscus or shoe flower are usually used as salad garnish and also as tea. It is considered that this flower contains anthocyanins and antioxidants, and therefore it reduces high blood pressure and cholesterol levels. In addition, the leaves of hibiscus are abundant in polyphenols, ingredients that are believed to have hypolipidemic as well as antioxidant effects. Also, they contain polyphenols, i.e., anti-cancer ingredients. According to a Portuguese research the hibiscus beverages contain higher antioxidant properties than the other beverages.

- Lotus

Eastern and Western cultures use lotus flowers as a natural treatment against diarrhea, fever, bronchitis, and even cholera. Or the lotus syrup is able to relieve bad coughs.

- Marigolds

In India, this flower is called genda phool, but in China it is used as a tea. It can be used externally and is able to treat wounds. Also, its flowers contain the pigment lutein, i.e., an eye vitamin, necessary to keep away any eye diseases.

- Chrysanthemum

These flowers are great source of anti-oxidants and minerals, and they also have anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory effects. In addition, chemicals that are extracted from chrysanthemum flowers have a capacity to lower inflammation, and also to help in the treatment of bone diseases, for instance osteoporosis.

- Passionflower

It is important to know that passionflower contains medical properties that are beneficial in the treatment of anxiety, agitation, insomnia, and epilepsy, as well. These flowers can also able to decrease pain and stimulate a calming sensation.

- Blood Root

Blood Root can be very beneficial if taken in small doses for respiratory issues. On the other hand, you can mix this flower with other ingredients and apply on your skin in order to treat warts, rashes, and many other skin issues. Also, you can prepare a blood root tonic or tea that can cleanse your blood and help in fevers.

- Bellis Perennis

Bellis Perennis contains numerous medicinal properties, for instance in cases when it is used in an infusion, it actually acts as a laxative and also as an expectorant, thus cleansing your body from any toxins. Moreover, it can be used in order to relieve arthritis and rheumatism. If you apply it to your skin through an ointment or poultice it can help the wounds healing.

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