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14 Reasons to Improve Your Health and Drink Lemon Water in the Morning!

Usually people are feeling thirsty when they wake up in the morning, so they are looking for a glass of water.

Perhaps, you are not aware of this, but adding a lemon juice in your glass of water, should be the very first thing you do in the morning. It helps to wake you up and prepare you for the day. You will be amazed by its health benefits.

  1. Makes Your Body Stay Hydrated

The morning is the best time to start the hydration process. Drinking lemon water first thing in the morning replaces fluids lost by your body during the night. Adding lemon to water not only lowers thirst better than any beverage, but it also gives our body vitamins, minerals and trace elements which we absolutely need.

  1. Makes Your Body More Energized

This beverage makes you feel more energized, because of the lemon healthy components, which provide your body with more energy.

  1. Makes Your Breath Fresh

Curing bad breath with this beverage has been used for ages. It can prevent growth of bacteria in your mouth. Also, its strong pleasant smell helps mask the bad odor. Bear in mind for this purpose you should use only diluted lemon juice, to prevent damaging the tooth enamel.

  1. Improves Your Immune System

Lemon juice contains plenty of Vitamin C, which improves your immune system and helps you stay healthy and also, it is great for fighting colds and preventing the  contagious norovirus from infecting humans.

  1. Helps Your Skin Stay Healthy

Lemons are rich in vitamin C and citric acid, so they have an ability to brighten and lighten your skin. It has natural antibacterial characteristics which may help cure acne, and lead to a less-wrinkled face.

  1. Improves Your Digestive System

Lemon juice helps promoting the digestion by stimulating digestive juice secretion.

  1. Helps Reducing Phlegm and Mucus

Hot lemon water is a great ingredient for loosening mucus and phlegm. Make yourself some warm lemon water by adding lemon juice to a cup of warm water. The sour taste of the lemon juice breaks up the mucus.

  1. Helps You Overcome Inflammation

Lemon juice is an anti-inflammatory helps reduce inflammation, especially the uric acid from your joints. It will decrease the acidity in your body, especially in your joints where disease states occur.

  1. Helps You Lose Weight

Instead of drinking any sugary drink in the morning, you should drink lemon juice that contains some components which maintain a healthy weight. The ascorbic acid, or vitamin C, is related to body weight, which means that people who consume more vitamin C weigh less than people who don’t consume it.

  1. Cleanses Your Body

Drinking this beverage encourages the production of urine and makes your body eliminate toxins. It also acts as a diuretic, and eliminates the toxins, kidney stones and bacteria from your kidneys and urinary tract.

  1. Awakens You in the Morning Instead of Coffee

This lemon juice helps you replace your need for coffee in the morning, and it also has the same effect.

  1. Helps Your Brain

The potassium and magnesium found in lemon juice helps the brain and nerve cells, allows better concentration, memory, etc. Because in case of magnesium deficiency depression, headaches, trouble focusing and insomnia can be caused.

  1. Acts in an Antibacterial and an Antiviral way

Lemon contains antibacterial and antiviral qualities, which helps your body fight colds and flu.

  1. Helps and Prevents Cancer

You should make a mixture of hot water, lemon peel and pulp. Lemons should be organic. This beverage contains more antioxidants than the juice itself and it is a wonderful juice in fight against cancer.

You Should Drink It Through a Stainless Straw

You should start drinking this miraculous beverage in the morning, but you should bear in mind to drink it through a stainless steel straw and swish plain water around your mouth when you’re done. In this way you prevent citric acid from coming into contact with your teeth and from damaging them.

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