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3 Natural Ways to Treat Anxiety and Depression

Most of people know that anxiety and depression are one of the most terrible and fast-growing conditions in the 21 century. Nowadays, almost everyone has some kind of a metal health problem, so we are going to present you an excellent remedy.

Firstly, you should know that if you want to treat these conditions successfully then you need a multi-faceted approach, emotional clearing, adequate cleansing, and also nutrition. In this article we are going to explain which these nutrients are necessary for you to treat anxiety and depression naturally.


1. Magnesium

This nutrient is also known as “miracle mineral”. In addition, it is becoming popular because it is considered as an essential nutrient in the anxiety and depression treatment. It is estimated that more than 80% of people are suffering from magnesium deficiency, thus leading it as a serious threat to our physical stability.

According to a researched that was published in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine depression, particularly in teenagers, is related to the very low levels of the magnesium intake. Furthermore, an article published in Pharmacological Reports in 2013 pointed out that magnesium preparations are considered as an excellent addition to the pharmacological armamentarium for depression treatment.

It is good to know that there are many ways for magnesium intake, for instance, dry and liquid supplements, topical and bath applications, etc.

2. Iodine

It is usually thought that this nutrient is not a healthy one, but you should know that is extremely beneficial. Iodine can have many beneficial effects on your metabolism, energy, body temperature, growth, immunity, and also brain function, such as: memory, concentration, etc. This nutrient is found in your brain therefore if there is an iodine deficiency it can easily cause some mental health issues, for example: anxiety and depression.

Furthermore, iodine can be found in oysters, seaweed or kelp, yogurt, eggs, cranberries, fish, turkey breast, etc.

3. B-vitamins

These vitamins act together in order to perform various functions, such as: fuel provision for the nervous system and brain to function properly. It is good to know that your mood can be affected by a mild deficiency of these vitamins, and more serious conditions such as: depression, dementia, paranoid, and delusion can be caused by a severe vitamin deficiency.

In 2009, a research was carried out that showed more than 25% of all women who suffered from severe depression had a deficiency in B-vitamins.

In fact, anxiety and depression is considered as serious metal issues but they can be treated and alleviate thanks to several solutions.

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