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4 Incredible Diet Tips To Boost Your Brain Health!

Do you know that brain uses 20% of oxygen and blood generated in your body?

Bad nutrition can make the brain to consume itself when its mass is over 60% fat. That’s why diets are very important for your brain function to be normal. Checkout this amazing list of diet tips to boost your brain health:

4 Incredible Diet Tips To Boost Your Brain Health!

Carbohydrates and Glucose

Glucose is like fuel that is traveling through your bloodstream straight to your brain. Glucose has the ability to ignite mitochondrial engine and is the main source of energy that keeps brain to be active and healthy. There are a lot of food that contain healthy carbohydrates and glucose like beans, grapes and low fat diary. Keep away from food that contains a lot of carbs like French fries and spaghetti.

Replace Coffee

Coffee is part of almost every morning ritual but even if it’s the fastest way to wake up because it has the ability to rise your adrenaline levels you must keep away from it. Coffee benefits are short and you will want to get another dose once again. High doses of coffee are very bad for your brain health and we will recommend to you to drink Lemon water or green tea. Green tea is known as mind tonic because it contains polyphenols. Polyphenols can regulate healthy flow of glucose straight to your brain.

Incorporate Healthy Facts

As we said your brain contains almost 60% of fat so if you eat unhealthy food that contains a lot of fat your brain will start to eat itself which can cause long term dangers for its health. Be sure to eat food rich with omega 3 and omega 6 fats like salmon and walnuts.

More protein less problems

Brain is like your muscles so it need proteins to grow normal and thrive. Protein is helping your neurotic network effectively. If you don’t eat food rich with protein that can affect your memory capacity. Protein can be found in animal meats but if you are vegetarian you can add cereals and eggplants to your diet.




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