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5 Main Reasons Why You Feel Bloated and a Great Solution for this Problem

Many people after having a heavy meal feel bloated. And that awful feeling is gone when the food is processed by the stomach. Unfortunately, some people feel like that all the time.

Don’t be scared we are going to explain you 5 main reasons why you are feeling like that and also the great solution for it.


Are you familiar with the fact what bloating is exactly?

It is considered that bloating is related with excessive farting or belching. A lot of people believe that the bloating is linked with the appearance or the feeling of fullness. They also compare their belly with that of the pregnant women or they complain all the time that there is a feeling that their belly will explode.

In accordance with the doctors, in fact, it is gas trapped in the stomach. We are going to explain you 5 main reasons of bloating:

Huge stress

A lot of researches have shown that bloating can appear as a result of huge stress. For a deep explanation, when you are stressed, the proper digestion is prevented by your brain. And also the pain in your stomach and constipation can cause bloating.

In order to prevent bloating, you should have a proper diet and relieve the stress.


Have you ever thought that after having a heavy meal if you feel better, that the constipation might be the problem and not the bloating? It is considered that your diet should be gradually enriched with fibre in order to prevent that unpleasant feeling and to eliminate gases. Bear in mind that if you suddenly enrich your diet with fibre it may cause an opposite effect. So, it is recommended to consume berries, smoothies, and what is the most important to replace white bread with bread that contains whole grain.

Too fast eating

It is good to know that in case you have this problem, you must not eat and drink too fast, you should chew the food slowly, because it may cause digestion problems. Bear in mind, chew slowly and only take small bites!

Not drinking enough water

A great number of diseases and health issues may be caused by not consuming enough water. Also dehydration may be caused by coffee, alcohol and sugar consumption. The recommended daily dose of water is 6 – 8 glasses.

If you do not drink enough water, the fluids that are inside your organism are used by your body. It is one of the reasons for bloating. So, it is recommended to drink enough water in order to prevent this condition.

Carb based diet

It is important to know that carbs can cause bloating if they are not properly digested by your stomach. And the solution is the consumption of low carb based diet. In addition, you should avoid the consumption of starches, sugar and alcohol. Are you now convinced that you have to replace all those unhealthy sweets, including sugar, with great amounts of vegetables, berries and fruits?

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