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8 Cancer-Causing Foods You Should NEVER Eat!

You may probably know one or two people who, despite doing all the right things and being very healthy, but they still develop cancer.

Luckily, such cases are actually far from normal, accounting for as little as 10% of all diagnoses of cancer.

According to two recent studies, the other 90% failure to make healthy lifestyle choices and wound up with cancer.

The Canadian Cancer Society claims that about one third of all cancer types are triggered by food and drink.

8 foods that should be avoided:

1. Farmed fish

The Environmental Working Group carried out research that showed farmed fish contain 16 times more carcinogenic chemicals than wild fish.

The main reason for this is that farmed fish are actually fed contaminated fish meal.

To explain you more deeply, in three independent studies, experts tested 37 commercial fish meals from all over the world and found carcinogenic PCBs in almost all of them.

2. Hydrogenated oils

In fact, hydrogenation is an industrial process, which turns unsaturated fat into a stable solid fat, creating trans fatty hydrogenated oil.

Trans fats have been found in a few studies to increase a person’s risk of cancer. Those consuming the most trans fats through hydrogenated oils have a 25% greater risk of death than those consuming the least.

Moreover, hydrogenated oils include soybean oil, canola oil, and certain vegetable oils. So, consider using olive oil.

3. Microwave popcorn

Bags of microwave popcorn are lined with perfluorooctanoic acid, i.e., a compound that has been associated with various cancer types, including pancreatic, liver, and testicular cancer.

Furthermore, microwaves present problems of their own by agitating the molecules in food, resulting in deformation.

So, instead of using microwave popcorn, buy kernels and pop them by using a skillet!

4. Soda

4-methylimidazole is the chemical, which gives certain sodas, including Coca Cola, their caramel color.

According to research, 4-MEI poses a cancer risk that is much higher than the commonly cited acceptable limit in the United States.

Also, the aspartame found in diet sodas triggers cancer by disrupting the body’s metabolic system.

5. Processed sugar

It may be one of the most harmful substances found in your diet.

They are more addictive than cocaine, and feed breast cancer cells, making them to grow rapidly.

Therefore it is quite disturbing, as Americans consume about half a pound of sugar every single day.

So, pick up a banana or orange instead of getting your sweet mix from artificial products.

6. White flour

When consuming white flour, the body actually releases insulin and insulin-like growth factor to help process the meal, contributing to an excess of both compounds in the body that stimulates cell growth and can particularly fertilize tumors.

In addition, research has confirmed that those consuming more than 57% of carbs such as white flour have a 220% greater risk of breast cancer than people consuming a balanced diet.

Instead of using white flour, eat whole wheat flour products.

7. Soy

Soy was thought to be a magical alternative to meat products. But, research is quickly proving just how wrong we were at that time.

Namely, in a lot of women, a soy diet turns on genes, which cause cancer to grow in the breast as a result of its estrogen-like compounds, throwing the body out of balance.

Undoubtedly, almost all of the soy grown in the U.S. is genetically modified.

An Environmental Working Group study proved that certain chemicals used in the process double the risk of cancer.

So, instead of soy you should use almond milk.

8. Processed meat

A notice, stating that processed meat triggers cancer was issued by the World Health Organization last year.

Additionally, processed meat includes ham, hot dogs, bacon and sausages, which have been modified in some way in order to extend the shelf life or alter the taste.

The connection between processed meat and cancer was drawn by 22 scientists from 10 countries who reviewed over 800 studies. Consuming just 50 grams of processed meat on a daily basis, i.e., one hot dog, elevates the person’s risk of colon cancer by 18%.

In case you eat meat, substitute the processed variety with organic meat from the local farmers.

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