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A 2-Minute Morning Trick to Relieve Bloating, Hasten Weight Loss and Balance pH Levels Very Effectively!

Of course that you can find a hundred posts about lemon water on the Internet, but we decided to write on the same topic as there are a lot of people who don’t consume it, and still don’t know how they could significantly benefit from it.

Here is the morning lemon trick

First of all, in the morning, heat some water in a kettle, and then mix it with some room temperature water in order to make it drinkable. Afterwards, squeeze about half a lemon in it and drink the solution on an empty stomach.

This lemon beverage can:

- Help in weight loss (also for an added kick, add in a pinch of cayenne pepper to stimulate your metabolism)

- Help digestion (It makes easier for your body to break down food, particularly fat.)

- Boost immunity

- Decrease bloating

- Help in case of constipation

- Lower join pain and inflammation

- Help maintain pH balance in your body (Bear in mind more alkaline means better energy & overall health.)

- Clear up acne and skin blemishes

- Replenish electrolytes lost through exercise

But seriously, try doing this just for a week. Undoubtedly, it can clear out the gunk from the night before and make digestion so much better that day. Plus, your skin will start looking and feeling better very quickly.

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