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A Man Overcame his Diabetes without Medicine, Here’s What He Consumed!

A young man was diagnosed with diabetes and hypertension 4 years ago, and doctors suggested him to take a lot of medications and oils each day. But, he refused this traditional therapy, and made a decision to use natural treatments. So, he started consuming raw fruits and vegetables and below is how he succeeded to treat diabetes and high blood pressure.

This young man visited his doctor when started feeling thirsty all the time. He was examined and it was shown that he had enormous blood sugar levels – i.e., 29, which meant that his pancreas didn’t perform its function anymore. Firstly, as a result of not having another option, he started taking the prescribed medications and also being physically active.

Unfortunately, after a short period of time, his condition became even worse. In addition, he was taking a great number of medications, which resulted in high blood pressure levels, i.e., 150/110, and also high triglyceride levels, i.e., 16.

As a result of the fact that his condition did not improve but it became even worse, this young man was convinced that he would find a natural cure for his conditions. Furthermore, he was stimulated by an interview whereby Dr. John Zirdum revealed that his diet was made up of only raw foods for 12 years, and therefore he decided to try the same natural option.

Despite the difficulties he faced at the beginning, he accepted the new natural therapy. Unbelievable, his conditions were improved thanks to the new regimen, so his blood sugar levels were reduced to 5.

This man didn’t believe that this gave him incredible results, and he made a decision to stop taking insulin. Of course, he would use the same prescribed therapy in case something goes wrong. These are the results – he didn’t notice certain great change, his sugar levels remained stable, but he started losing weight. Moreover, just within 25 days he lost 11 kilograms.

Believe it or not, 4 months later, he became a completely different person. In other words, he didn’t use insulin, his triglyceride levels were reduced to 1.4, his blood pressure was normal – 120/70, and also he lost 20 kilograms. Also, what is the most important thing is the fact he felt happy and healthy at the same time!

Here is a recipe of his favourite juice:


- 5 bananas

- 2 kiwis

- 2 apples

- A handful of kale


The only thing you should do is to put the above mentioned ingredients in a blender, add half a litre of water and blend the mixture well.


It is recommended to consume half a litre of this juice in the morning and consume the rest throughout the day.

His other suggestions:

- Consume plenty of fresh fruits and fruit salads, as well.

- Consume tuna as it is abundant in vitamin B12.

It is important to know in case you decide to use this regimen you will not feel hungry, and in this way, you will supply your body with all the necessary nutritive elements, as a result of its extremely beneficial ingredients.

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