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Alkaline Water Kills Cancer – This Is How To Prepare It !

It is generally known that the pH scale, or potential hydrogen, runs from 0 to 14, and 7 is the neutral middle value. Hence, if the pH of something is lower than 7, then, it is considered as an acid. But, if the pH value of something is higher than 7, then, it is considered as alkaline.


In addition, if there are many acids in your body, you may notice the following symptoms: problems with digestion, weight gain, tiredness, fatigue, etc. However, you can prevent these symptoms by consuming pure water, fresh organic vegetables. They are able to maintain the healthy balance in your organism.

You should know that the tap water may contain chlorine, hormones, antibiotics, and many other metals that by drinking it you intake them directly in your body system. Furthermore, it can result in various diseases and a weaker immunity.

Actually, the food that is consumed can has an immense influence on your general pH level. Dr. Otto Warburg, who won a Nobel Prize, pointed out that about 95% of all cancer types are acidic, because they are caused by an acidic state within the body. On the other hand, the alkaline environment is a hostile environment for any cancer cells.

He also claimed that acidosis, i.e., an excess acidity, can cause not only the development of cancer, but many other health problems such as: any types of chronic diseases, heart disease, osteoporosis, and diabetes, as well.

So, we are going to present you an effective detoxification recipe that is actually made up of alkaline water and lemon. It is considered this recipe can be prepared in 5 minutes.

In fact, lemons contain excellent pH – balancing, and also powerful disinfectant and antibacterial properties. Hence, lemons have 22 anti-cancer properties and they are extremely beneficial in the treatments of many diseases, from bad breath to cholera.

Lemons are alkaline and they are able to regulate the pH levels even though they are very acidic fruit.


- 1 lemon

- Half a cucumber

- ¼ of ginger root

- Half a cup of mint leaves


The first thing you should do is to peel the ginger root, and to cut all the ingredients into small pieces. Next, you should put them into water.

If you want to notice the results for a shorter period, you should use the same ingredients for three days with just adding new water into it.


For the best results you should consume this remedy straight away you get up in the morning.

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