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Amazing Story… A Man Uses Baking Soda To Beat Stage 4 Cancer!

In this article, we are going to present you a real life story about Vernon Johnston, who was fighting with stage IV prostate cancer. But, he successfully beat the disease with one simple ingredient.

It is a fact that the conventional cancer treatments may result in success, but the patients feel extreme fatigue and have weakened immune systems. In addition, this man was not guaranteed that the standard cancer treatment would help him beat his disease.

Therefore, he had no alternatives and started fighting the disease on his own way. To be more specific, he was advised by his brother to increase his body’s pH levels and make his body an amazing alkaline environment that was supposed to prevent the cancer spread. The only thing that he needed was cesium chloride.


Even though, this therapy can be more effective than the conventional cancer treatments like radiotherapy and chemotherapy, these treatments are not so often suggested to cancer sufferers.

Moreover, Vernon did comprehensive research, and what he came across was baking soda.

He found out that a combination of maple syrup and baking soda could do a miracle. So, he started using this natural homemade remedy daily. If you still do not believe that this natural remedy has a strong ability to destroy cancer cells, check the blog of this man – Vernon documented his own cancer experience.

Baking soda is capable of neutralizing acids, which raises the pH values of the body. That’s not all, if used in a form of a topical antiseptic, baking soda prevents blister, scarring, and itching triggered by allergies.

How Does Baking Soda Help in Cancer Treatment?  

Cancer cells can actually survive in acidic bodies. According to the experts, the cancer cells can be starved and their growth can be inhibited thanks to the alkalization. Additionally, taking the sodium bicarbonate by intravenous injection is better than oral administration since it is much closer to the tumor cells. But, oral medications are cheaper, more available, as well as safer than injections.


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