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Avoid These Dehydrating Acid-Forming Foods that Trigger More Frequent Gout Attacks!

What is actually gout?

Gout is a disorder, which can occur throughout the body. Moreover, it is triggered by deposits of sodium urate crystals that accumulate in joints due to high blood levels of uric acid, i.e., hyperuricemia.

The excess uric acid actually crystallizes over time and usually form in cooler parts of the body, like joints, such as the knee, ankle, elbow, and wrist. However, it most often affects the feet joints, especially at the base of the big toe. But, it rarely affects the spine joints, such as hips or shoulders.

Additionally, this disorder is commonly experienced by middle-aged men and less often by women. Usually, women experience it after menopause.

Gout is associated with a person’s diet. Unluckily, untreated, gout attacks can last longer, occur more frequently as well as may start affecting other joints. Plus, severe gout can contribute to joint damage and deformity. Also, in most cases, gout cannot be treated.

So, continue reading, and consider trying the natural remedy as well as changing your lifestyle in order to cease gout attacks.

Gout symptoms

Most often, gout attacks happen without warning. Namely, excruciating pain occurs suddenly in one or more joints, usually at night and the joint becomes swollen, inflamed, feels warm, and is especially sensitive to touch.

What’s more, a severe attack may result in high fever, chills, as well as rapid heartbeats. If these symptoms are left untreated, they can go on for several days. Then, they may gradually disappear, functionality returns to normal, and there will not be any symptoms until the next attack.

It is important to know that those suffering from diabetes and/or high blood pressure as well as gout, may have poor kidney function, which reduces the uric acid excretion, making the gout condition worse and resulting in tissue or joint damage.

Causes of gout

Gout can be triggered by a higher level of uric acid produced by a liver or by a high intake of rich foods, for instance all kinds of meat protein, more than it can be removed through urination.

The body transforms substances in food known as purine into uric acid, elevating the uric acid level. Furthermore, too much uric acid in the blood makes the urate crystals to be formed and deposited in joints.

Another culprit is the regular alcohol consumption. Despite alcohol increases the uric acid production, but it also interferes with its elimination by the kidneys.

Bear in mind, a combination of alcohol and high protein food is one of the most common culprit for gout development.

Diet and lifestyle changes

It is advisable that the gout sufferers should avoid acid-forming foods, such as processed or refined foods, sugar and flour products, like cakes, biscuits, pastries, oily or fried foods, dairy products, soft drinks, tobacco, and alcohol.

Other foods rich in purine are asparagus, herring, anchovies, meat gravies and broths, red meat, mussels, mushrooms, all organ meats, and sardines.

Also, avoid bean products, for instance bean sprouts, soya milk, bean curds, bean paste, and so on, as they have fairly high amount of purine content.

Despite your dietary change, but you should also consider exercising on a regular basis, at least 3 times x 30 minutes a week as well as drinking plenty of water, for example 8 to 10 glasses a day.

Consume plenty of fruits and vegetables, drink great amounts of water, and avoid alcohol consumption.

In case you have gout avoid these fruits and vegetables: durian, cauliflower, strawberry, tomato, tomato products, spinach, asparagus, peas, and rhubarb.

Here are the recommended healing foods to prevent gout:

Green juices can cleanse out the toxins in the body, balance the blood pH level, heal the gut and decrease inflammation.

It has been proven that cabbage and celery can greatly lower arthritic and gout pain, too. So, juice them on a regular basis along with green leafy vegetables such as kale and you will definitely have less recurrence of gout attacks.

Beets and bitter gourds are extraordinary cleansers for liver and kidney, as well. In other words, they detoxify the liver and kidneys, improve their functioning and protect them from excessive alcohol consumption and other toxins.

In case you’re suffering from gout include cucumber, pineapple, and papaya in your daily diet as they are amazing anti-inflammatory foods.

Suggested combinations (measurement for one portion):

- 6 leaves of big kale, 2 green apples, 1 fennel, 1 cucumber, thumb-size ginger, and ¼ lemon slice.

- 8 celery ribs, 2 carrots, and 1 cucumber.

- 6 celery ribs, 2 green apples or chayote, thumb-size ginger, and ¼ cabbage.

- 1 small bitter gourd, 1 cucumber, 1 green apples, and ¼ lemon slice.

- 1 cucumber, 2 carrots, ½ celeriac, ¼ lemon slice, and 1 fennel.

- ¼ lemon, 6 celery ribs, thumb-size ginger, and ½ small pineapple.

- 1 medium-sized beetroot, 1 cucumber, ¼ lemon slice, and thumb-size ginger.

- 1 shot of wheatgrass juice, neat with a squeeze of lemon

- Daily consumption of fresh, young coconut water, but not packaged coconut water

- Consume about 40-50 tart cherries every day

- Drink lemongrass-ginger tea

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