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Be Careful: Your Body Alerts These 6 Symptoms One Month Before A Heart Attack!

In fact, most of the deaths in the United States are triggered by heart attacks. But, also it is a fact that a great contributor for this illness over the last years is the stressful way of life as well as the fast food we are still eating.

You can protect yourself from heart failure by leading a healthy lifestyle and trying to reduce the stress levels.

Also, the other thing, which can be extremely beneficial, and even lifesaving, is recognizing the symptoms of heart failure a month before it occurs.

The symptoms that show you might experience a heart attack within a month:

1. Fatigue

In case your arteries become narrow then your heart receives a lot less blood than before, thus making your heart function a lot harder than normal. In such a case you feel overly tired as well as drowsy all the time.

2. Breath shortness

Your lungs will not be able to get as much oxygen to the lungs as they normally did if your heart is getting less blood. Actually, consult a doctor right away if you have been having breathing problems as it may indicate you will have a heart attack.

3. Weakness

If your body becomes weak suddenly it happens as a result of that the arteries become more narrow, which don’t allow proper blood circulation. Moreover, your muscles also don’t get what they need, and this could trigger you to fall.

4. Cold sweats and dizziness

The brain blood flow can be restricted by the poor circulations. It can be life threatening. At first, you may experience dizziness and clamminess, but don’t ignore these symptoms!

5. Chest pressure

In case you are having onset symptoms of a heart attack then you must have been experiencing chest discomfort, regardless it’s minor pain or built-up pressure. It will constantly increase until the attack itself is experienced.

6. Symptoms of cold or flu

In case you are feeling as you have flu symptoms out of nowhere this may be a symptom that the heart attack will happen in the nearest future. Namely, a lot of people feel they have developed a cold just a few days before they have a heart attack.

The best way to handle this:

It is strongly recommended to visit a doctor if you are experiencing these symptoms.

The best way to prevent a heart attack is by early recognizing its symptoms.

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