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Burn Your Belly Fat without Jogging or Running, but by Doing These 10 Incredible Exercises!

In case you want to lose a few pounds, treadmill or cardio exercises will not satisfy your goals since they can just help you burn a bit of your fat.

Rather than doing these exercises, consider trying resistance training as well as improving your strength and endurance in order to look much better naked!

There has been recently carried out a study that analyzed the resistance exercise effects on the metabolic constraints of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Namely, it involved 53 patients divided into 2 groups: the first group performed squats and pushups 3 times a week within a period of 12 weeks, whereas the control group did not perform any resistance exercise.

The results showed that those who exercised experienced greater fat-free and muscle mass and lower levels of insulin, iron, and fatty liver.

In addition, the metabolic syndrome characteristics in the case of a non-alcoholic fatty liver disease can be improved thanks to resistance exercises.

In this article, we are going to present you some powerful and tried exercises, which do actually not need any special equipment.

Plus, these exercises can help you build lean muscle tone as well as slow down the aging process. Want to look irresistible? So, try them right now!

Top 10 exercises for toning the body and building shapely muscle:

These exercises actually target more muscles at the same time, and are not in some specific order. Once you include them into your workout program, they will help you burn the most fat too fast!

- The Burpee

It targets all the major muscle groups within the body and makes the heart pump. Doing this exercise can help you burn more belly fat than practicing cardio for hours. That’s not all, it can be also modified to any fitness level.

- The Pull Up

Your back can be toned to a remarkable level as a result of this extraordinary exercise. Even though you may find it difficult at first, but you will practice a little with some simpler options before you used to it.

- The Squat

It is a basic functional movement that can help you reshape your legs and butt.  A lot of people find these bodyweight squats too challenging. However, you can try a barbell or dumb bells to intensify the exercise.

- The Push Up

You can get strengthen triceps, sculpted shoulders, as well as toned upper chest thanks to this awesome exercise. What’s more, you can greatly tone your core, as well. This exercise can be done literally everywhere and also modified depending on your fitness level.

- The Lunge

It tightens the butt and tones the hamstrings. But, if there is any knee pain, substitute this exercise with the glute bridge.

- The Spider Crawl

It will enhance your hips’ mobility as well as tone your core muscles.

- The Skater

It requires moving in a lateral plane, so that it helps in keeping ankle and knee stability. To intensify the exercise try jolting to the joints as well as minimum jumping.

- The Plank

It targets the entire core, and also the transverse abdominous, thus preventing and alleviating back pain. Hold for about 60 seconds.

- Jumping Rope

Running can be perfectly substituted with skipping, which helps in burning a ton of calories, and toning the legs and arms. Additionally, do a phantom skip, i.e., the rope is tossed to the side and you actually pretend to jump rope by going through the motions.

- The Get Up

It includes triceps move that engages the core muscles to very high extent. As you can see, this exercise can help you achieve a flat and toned belly without any fats.

To sum up, these body weight and resistance exercises will help you get the desired body!

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