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By Pressing This Point on Your Belly, You Will Eliminate the Toxins from Your Colon Very Successfully!

Of course, all of us have found ourselves sitting on the toilet and straining, while trying to finish a bowel movement. But, most probably you didn’t know that there is actually a simple point that should be pressed to help you complete the bowel movement.

Furthermore, this point is found on your body and acupressure experts called it the sea of energy. First of all, you should measure three finger widths under the belly button.

However, before you start this, make sure you are close to a toilet, for evident reasons. So, press the poop button with your three fingers and breathe deeply while doing this. You should not stop pressing it till you feel the urge to go to the toilet. Bear in mind, it lasts at minimum 10 seconds to at maximum 3 minutes.


How does it work?

According to Dr. Michael Reed Gach, who is an acupressure therapist, this button revives the healing processes of the body. In addition, a considerable part of the healing process is the elimination of waste.

Also, previous research has confirmed that abdominal massaging, just like the one pressing the poop button, contributes to a drive in the body, thereby the bowels start moving and clearing the house.

Dr. Gach also explains that besides triggering bowel movements, but this button also relieves rectal pains, digestive issues, gas, and menstrual cramps.

Bonus pooping tips!

- Squat

It is a fact that toilets in North America have a major design flow, so that they require a sitting position. But, when the body is in this position, it is placed wrong. It is important to know that for optimal pooping, the body should be in a squat position.

- Consume more fiber

If you have persistent constipation, consuming plenty of fiber is the vital thing you need to do. Some of the greatest fiber sources are berries, beans, prunes, and flax seeds. Fiber will make your stool retain water, thus making it much softer.

- Relax

When sitting on the toilet for a couple of minutes, all of us all usually push very hard. But, doing that is wrong.

Remember that pushing hard can stress your body. Additionally, in some cases, it can result in bowel bursting or fatal heart arrhythmia, so be patient.

- Remain active

Adults are recommended to perform at least 75 minutes of aerobic activity every week as exercising stimulates the contraction of the intestinal muscles, which is crucial for eliminating waste effectively.


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