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Check Your Thyroid Iodine Amounts by Using THIS Simple 24 Hour Home Test!

The thyroid is actually a butterfly-shaped gland that normally weighs less than 1 oz. and that is located at the front neck base. Namely, the thyroid gland secretes hormones that are important for your organism influencing your growth and development, metabolism, as well as body temperature.

The proper thyroid function depends on 2 trace minerals: iodine and manganese. However, iodine is the most essential mineral for the proper thyroid functioning and health.

Here is a simple and inexpensive test that can show if your organism has sufficient iodine for normalization of thyroid secretions.

Firstly, you should paint a postage size stamp on the inside of your wrist by using iodine tincture. So, if the brown stain fades within 24 hours or less, it actually indicates that there is not sufficient iodine in order to normalize your thyroid secretion to the cells. Although you are taking some pharmaceutical thyroid medication, iodine deficiency will prevent your body from properly utilizing it.

Excellent instructions for iodine patch test:

1. Maybe it is the best to do this test in the morning after having a shower but it is not strongly recommended – you can start it anytime you want.

2. Iodine Tincture should be used for painting a postage square size stamp on the inside of your wrist.

Important note: You can purchase Tincture of Iodine from any drugstore or pharmacy. Make sure it is the original orange coloured solution and not the clear solution.

3. It is recommended to write down the time you painted your wrist.

4. At least, the patch coloration should be observed over the next 24 hours.

Interpreting the results of iodine patch test:

The quicker the body draws in the iodine, the greater iodine need is most probably to be.

1. Normal – If the patch begins to slightly lighten after 24 hours.

2. Mild – If the patch disappears, or almost disappears within 18-24 hours.

3. Moderate – If the patch disappears, or almost disappears within 12-18 hours.

4. Severe – If the patch disappears, or almost disappears within 6-12 hours.

5. Very severe – If the patch disappears, or almost disappears for less than 6 hours.

Repeat this test

This test should be repeated each 1-2 weeks for monitoring the iodine need. You should adjust iodine dose accordingly if the patch no longer disappears within 24 hours.

Whole food supplements whenever possible are preferred by some people. Also, consider discussing Standard Process or Medi Herb options with your healthcare practitioner.

Here are listed the recommended iodine supplement amounts:

- Thyroid Complex: 600mcg

- Prolamine Iodine: 3mg

- Organically Bound Minerals: 250mcg

- Trace Minerals B12: 145mcg

- Iodomere: 200mcg

- Min Chex: 300mcg

- Cataplex F tablets: 95mcg

- Min Tran: 50mcg

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