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Chemo Will Be Unnecessary If You Drink THIS Homemade Juice that Destroys Cancer Cells Very Effectively!

We are going to present you a simple juice recipe, which will help you fight cancer cells, and the chemo will be unnecessary.

The only thing you need is a few fresh and organic ingredients, if combined, create a powerful mixture that is able to protect your body from any abnormal cell growths.

To explain you more deeply, carrots are an exceptional source of carotenoids, i.e., natural antioxidants and immune modulators, which protect the cells from damage that is part of the physiology of aging and cancer, as well.

Additionally, diet low in carotenoids over time, has been related to higher risk of some types of cancer.

Did you know that the effects of the antioxidants is actually to protect the cells from the damaging effects of free radicals? Moreover, the free radicals are rogue single electrons, which damage the DNA. So, in case the body is not able to repair the damage, abnormal cell growth starts developing.

Interestingly, carotenoids and vitamin a have a powerful capacity to improve the function of the white blood cells known as Natural Killer Cells, thus helping the immune system to recognize as well as fight infections and cancer.

Since 1940’s, the beta-carotene beneficial effects as a precursor of vitamin A have been found to inhibit the cancer growth. Currently, there are more than 200 studies indicating positive effects for beta-carotene in the fight against cancer.

What’s more, a study carried out in Switzerland in 1970’s and lasted 12 years confirmed that men with a lower carotenoid levels in the blood had an increased cancer mortality rate. Also, beta-carotene is found to have potent protective effects on epithelial tissues like the lungs, throat, bladder, intestines, and colon.

In 1989, the Washington University and the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Centre associated high beta-carotene intake with reduced cervical cancer rates.

Furthermore, in a study carried out in Britain, 5004 women had samples of blood frozen. Over several years, their health was monitored by St Barts. Actually, according to the study, beta-carotene levels were almost 50% higher in women without cancer, than those in the women who were diagnosed with breast cancer.

After clinical trials on cervical, prostate, melanoma, breast, and cervical cancer, had been conducted, the US Prostate Cancer Research Institute confirmed that there was enough reason to supplement with beta-carotene.

But, however, parsley has a strong capacity to strengthen the immune system, remove toxins, and protect your body from the harmful effects of free radicals. Moreover, parsley has been found to include extremely potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

It also contains some very powerful flavonoid components that provide some effective and protective benefits, including:

Apigenin and myricetin have been proven to inhibit tumor formation in animal studies, mainly lung tumors. In addition, flavonoids are one of the reasons why parsley qualifies as a chemo-protective food.

Imperatorin and isopimpinellin are also found in parsley, which have been shown to have chemo-protective effects on the breast, liver, and lung cells.

Keep in mind the regular consumption of this juice actually destroys cancer cells and regenerates the entire body without any chemical agents.

Drink it once a day as a preventive measure.

If you suffer from cancer, drink it at least 4 to 5 months 3 times on a daily basis.

These amounts are enough just for one serving.


A half bunch of parsley

5 carrots

A half orange

1 lemon


Place the ingredients in a juicer and juice them. Don’t forget that this amount is enough just for one serving, and you should drink three servings a day.

Also, always drink freshly prepared juice.

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