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Dandelion Root: Builds Up Blood and Immune System and has Cured Prostate, Lung and Other Cancers!

Dandelion is actually a flowering plant widely distributed in every part of the world.

Namely, the plant is considered as a weed with a plenty of strong healing properties. Its root as well as leaves are both used medicinally. The dandelion root abounds in minerals, for instance: chlorophyll, magnesium, calcium, potassium, silica, iron, and sulphur. Additionally, it contains inulin and mucilage that can enhance the digestive system function, cleanse the liver, absorb toxins from the food, and so on. Its leaves also abound in minerals and vitamins, for instance: A, B1, B6, C, E and K.


In fact, the above mentioned facts about this plant are well known for years. However, there are recent studies, which have shown some new exciting facts about dandelion root.

According to the recent research, dandelion root actually killed up to 98% of the leukemia cells in laboratory tests, just within 48 hours.

In addition, Dr. Carolyn Hamm at the Windsor Regional Cancer Centre in Ontario, Canada explained that the dandelion root extract was the only thing that is able to help with chronic myelomonocytic leukemia.

To explain you more deeply, there is a patient, John Di Carlo, who sent home to spend his last days after the aggressive and unsuccessful treatment for leukemia. Also, this man was advised to start consuming dandelion root tea. Just within 4 months, he was in a remission and the doctors associated his success to the dandelion tea consumption.

Moreover, dandelion root tea is recommended by Maria Treben, who is an eminent herbalist, to be used in the treatment of a lot of diseases, including different cancer types.

There are also other studies that have proven dandelion root extract has a strong capacity to act very fast on the cancerous cells, so they actually disintegrate within 48 hours, but at the same time the newly formed healthy cells in the body are not affected.

Additionally, further studies have shown that the extract of dandelion root has also a powerful anticancer activity against colon, prostate, leukemia, breast, liver and lung cancer. But, there are not any significant effects when it comes to skin as well as brain cancer.

It is important to know that the cancer cells in the human body are controlled by the immune system. So, in case the immune system is healthy, then cancer cells don’t usually appear. However, if the immune system is down, then the body loses control of the cancer cells and in such a case cancer appears.

But, the dandelion root powder has a powerful phytochemical, which builds up the blood as well as the immune system.

The best way to pick dandelion root:

What is even more important about this plant is the fact that the dandelion root can be harvested at any time of the year. In other words, after you pull it off from the ground, cut the leaves off and gently remove the earth around the root.

Be careful NOT to damage it or wash it. Then, you should dry the root on around 100 degrees on the sun, or you can also use an incubator without water. Bear in mind, the whole drying process will take about 5 to 6 days. It is ready for use if you break the root and it snaps.

Furthermore, it is an extraordinary fact that the dried dandelion root can keep its active chemicals up to 1 year. Store it in a glass jar in a cold and dark place.

You should also now that the best way to use dandelion root is in a powder form. So, combine a little over a half teaspoon of the powder with water and consume it once a day at any time. Do not use it in soft drinks or anything hot. You will start feeling good after 3 to 4 days.

In most cases, this builds up the immune system in about 3 weeks. After that period, the immune system will actually take control of cancer cells and will stop its spreading. But, don’t expect a miracle as it is not an overnight cure and it will take a time until your body gets rid of the cancer.


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