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Delicious Turmeric Lime Soda To Soothe Stomach Issues And Relive Pain

Did you know the fact that this herb is one of the most beneficial and nutritional supplement? We are talking about turmeric and the curcumin as its basic ingredient contains a powerful anti-inflammatory property, which is able to prevent and also treat the following cancers: skin, colon, gastric, as well as breast cancer.

It has been proven that turmeric contains the following excellent health benefits:

- Turmeric’s ingredient, curcumin, is able to improve your brain power-derived neurotrophic factor, i.e., to improve your brain function and also to reduce the risk of certain brain diseases.

- As mentioned above it can decrease the heart disease risk.

- It is an excellent source of anti-inflammatory properties, thus helping the arthritis treatment.

- It is also a wonderful natural remedy that can be used in order to treat depression.

- It is able to act as a powerful rejuvenating agent and also fight against several chronic diseases that are related to a certain age.

- You should also know that your body find it difficult to absorb the curcumin. Therefore, it is of a great importance for you to incorporate this herb into your diet in an adequate way for the best results.

A research published in the International Journal of Food Science and Technology, have shown that the turmeric contains a powerful bioavailability, which was increased in rats while fermented.

Continue reading how the turmeric bioavailability can be boost by up to 2000%.

In addition, we are going to reveal an excellent turmeric fermentation recipe in order to alleviate your pain, stimulate digestion and also lower inflammation.

Turmeric lime soda recipe:


- 6 cups of water

- 1 cup of sliced turmeric (unpeeled)

- ¾ cup of raw organic honey

- 2 organic lemons or limes (or both)


First of all, you should put the turmeric into boiling water. Next, leave it boil for another 20 minutes until it gain a yellow colour.

Then, you should lower the heat and let it simmer for another 15-20 minutes. After it, you should take off it from the heat and let it cool. Next, after it is cooled you should add the lemon juice and honey and don’t forget to pour it into a larger jar.

In addition, you should close it and place it where there is no sunlight within a period of 3 days in warm temperature. But, bear in mind it should stay for 4-5 days if you prepare it in winter.

Another important thing is to stir the mixture occasionally. Then, you should strain it, put the fluid into bottles and leave it carbonate for another 3 days. It is recommended to refrigerate it. It is good to know that it will last a week before the remedy starts tasting like vinegar.


Make sure to stir the mixture before you consume it.

So, just enjoy the marvellous anti-cancer beverage!

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