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Early Warning Signs You Have a Carbohydrate Intolerance That’s Causing Weight Gain and Fatigue!

Many people experience an unexplained weight gain as well as they feel exhausted in the afternoons, and when they make a few medical examinations, their blood sugar levels indicate that they are actually in the pre-diabetic range.

As a result of the consumption of refined sugars and grains, and also white flour, they have increased blood sugar levels. But, in case you don’t consume high amounts of these foods and you are still gaining weight and are feeling exhausted, then, probably there is another health condition.

You should consider that it may happen as a result of the so-called healthy carbs or whole grains, for instance: brown rice, oatmeal, quinoa, starchy foods like sweet potatoes and beans, and also high-glycemic fruits like watermelon, mango, and pineapple.

It is important to know that some people may find these foods extremely beneficial, but unfortunately they may trigger some health issues in some other people, because their organisms are not able to tolerate all that sugars, i.e., a condition called carbohydrate intolerance.

So, in case you are in the group of those people that cannot tolerate these foods, then the best option is to remove them from your diet, which can lead to a drastic health improvement, loss of excess weight as well as more energy.

These symptoms indicate that you are carbohydrate intolerant:

- Overweight

- Anxiety, and depression

- Constant fatigue, especially after having a carbs-rich meal

- Mental confusion

- A sedentary lifestyle

- Uncontrolled appetite

- Pain in muscles and joints

- Craving for these foods: starchy or sweet food, i.e., bread, pasta, potatoes, beans, etc.

- Dizziness and light headedness

- Skin problems

- Mild or high increase of blood sugar levels

- Hormonal misbalances

- Sleeping problems

So, it is recommended to avoid fruit and starchy vegetables, grains, legumes, within a period of two weeks, and in case you feel that your condition has improved, then you are carbohydrate intolerant.

Also, you should be careful and not eat more than 2-3 portions of complex carbs or 2-3 low-glycemic fruits, for instance fresh berries, citrus fruits, and also apples within a week.

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