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Forget the Dental Implants and Consider Growing Your Own Teeth within Just 9 Weeks!

As growing older, the bones tend to get weaker and susceptible to injuries. Also, the same situation occurs with the teeth. In other words, they get fragile and break even completely fall off or get severe caries and issues, which can only be mended by taking out the tooth.

Undoubtedly, you will be surprised by this amazing discovery by Dr. Jeremy Mao from Columbia University. It can be surely said that what he and his team discovered was revolutionary and what they did actually improved the development of dental implants.

It was proven that this improved technique is very surprising as we can replace the dental implants by growing our own teeth again.

The real mastermind behind this discovery was Dr. Mao with the help of his team he gained this greatness. They created a scaffold for teeth containing the stem cells in the body.

It was found that we can regenerate and create new teeth with it and the help of the DNA from the stem cells. Definitely, it will create a brighter future for dental care.

Dr. Mao explains that it is very simple. Your lost tooth can be replaced with your own stem cells. It acts in a way that the tooth merges with the tissue around and starts the regeneration process. Although, the recovery will take time, but the results are incredible.

It would take about 9 weeks for the process to be completed and it depends on each individual person, according to his findings. Regardless of how long it takes, this ability of the human body is irreplaceable as teeth are of crucial importance for our health.

It is an implant method that has to be accepted by the person’s body since it is the only way that will work. Well, it is not available everywhere as it is still in the research process and needs its approval by the medical society and authorities.

A lot of researchers around the world are currently trying to improve this method as well as find new ones for better dental care and health.


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