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Get Rid of Freckles, Stains and Hyperpigmentation by Using This Natural Recipe Which Contains 2 Ingredients

The medical term Hyperpigmentation that is generally known as darkening of the skin, is commonly caused by high levels of melanin. It is good to know that the compounds that melanin contains give the colour to your skin, hair and eyes. In fact, aging, pregnancy, trauma, some diseases and excessive exposure to sunlight can cause unsightly brown spots on your skin and can also easily affect the levels of melanin in your body.

Furthermore, the causes of melanin disorder can be internal or external. In most cases the internal causes are genetic and these usually appear on people who have dark skin tone.

On the other hand, the external causes appear as a result of chemicals exposure, betaxolol, estrogen, minocycline and sunlight.

The strains, freckles and spots on your skin, which can cause unfading or temporary discoloration, can be caused by the ultraviolet rays. They usually appear on skin areas that are mostly exposed to sun.

Darkening of your skin can also be caused by some surgeries, traumas and stress, as well. However, the dark spots will stay even when this health issue improves.



Melasma is skin discoloration during pregnancy. But there are some cases that it sometimes affects a man. The first signs of this condition are manifested on the face, especially on the nose and cheeks. Usually people recognize this condition under the name: “a pregnancy mask.” Moreover, if you are pregnant and you are reading this article, don’t worry – these spots will disappear after your pregnancy.

Recipe for hyperpigmentation natural remedy

Firstly, make a mixture of a teaspoon of lemon juice and a teaspoon of turmeric powder. Next, apply it on the affected area on your skin and leave it for about 15 minutes. At least, wash your face thoroughly.

Note: If you have applied the remedy on your skin don’t expose yourself to sun.

It is recommended to apply it before having a shower, and for the best results you should apply it twice on a daily basis until you notice some improvements.

How this remedy can improve your condition

It is good to know that this natural remedy is established on the Ayurveda principles, an ancient Indian science of healing.

In addition, turmeric is a wonderful spice that contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties and it is also able to give your skin a lighter, glowing complexion.

Lemon act as an anti-aging agent, i.e., it has a strong capacity to rejuvenate and also brighten your skin.

If you have extremely sensitive skin you can freely add milk or water in your lemon juice.

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