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Ginger is 10,000x Times Stronger Than Chemotherapy (And Only Destroys Cancer Cells)

A spice, which has miraculous healthy benefits and it also treats a great number of diseases, is ginger. Do you know that this magical spice has a capacity to cure cancer?

A study has shown the powerful natural turmeric effects as a possible cure for cancer.

Scientists were completely surprised when they discovered that many medications, which were thought to cure cancer, are ineffective and instead of curing the disease they actually hasten the death rate.


Ginger, a powerful natural remedy that treats cancer

A study that has recently been carried out at the Georgia State University on mice showed that ginger extract has a great effect with prostate cancer. It has lowered the tumour levels beyond 56 %. Moreover, the mice had lower inflammation and increased levels of antioxidants in their organisms.

Another study about this wonderful spice showed similar results: an effective ingredient, 6-shogaol, was found out in the ginger and it is thousands times more powerful than chemotherapy. The ginger was tested on the breast cancer stem cells.

A various types of cancer have been created by the stem cells or root cells, and they are also known as ‘mother cells’. But, the cells that attack the body are created from these cells and they are known as ‘Daughter cells’, very harmful and indestructible cells. A tumour is made up of 1 % of stem cells and the others are daughter cells.

A flourished and regenerated infinite cycle is created by these cells. They are resistant to chemotherapy. They also regenerate and create new tumour colonies even after the tumours have been cured. The solution for a completely cured patient is a destruction of the cancer stem cells within a tumour.

The newest studies showed the ginger ingredient 6-shogaol to be very effective and powerful in focusing on the cancer stem cells. It showed that dried or cooked ginger has a capacity to create 6-shogaol and it is found to be the most powerful and healthy ingredient. The ginger is proved to be more effective than the chemotherapy itself.

It is good to know that the chemotherapy destroys all cells in the human body, but only cancer cells are affected by this ginger ingredient and not the healthy cells.

According to the carried out studies 6-shogaol has an ability to increase the cancerous cells destruction, known as autophagy and it also has an ability to prevent the formation of breast cancer spheroids.

Also, another studies have been conducted about a cancer medication, taxol, and it was found to has lower effective capacity than 6-shogaol about cancer treatment.

To conclude, 6-shogaol, a miraculous natural ginger ingredient, is the most effective substance that can prevent tumour formation and also it doesn’t destroy the healthy cells. Experts claim that they would have to conduct several additional studies in order to show that this natural remedy is more effective and more powerful that the conventional cancer treatments.


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