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Heal Your Digestive Tract, and Detoxify Your Kidneys and Liver with These Seeds!

Almost everyone discards the papaya seeds when they cut up the papaya. But, these seeds have incredible health benefits.

They are crunchy to the bite, and have a strong taste – something between mild peppercorns and mustard seeds.

The fruit of papaya has anti-inflammatory properties, as well as various health benefits, like decreases the developing of heart disease, prevents cancer, reduces blood sugar level, promotes wound healing, digestive health, etc!


- Promote Digestive Health

The fruit of papaya is one of the most powerful foods when it comes to healing the digestive system. Furthermore, papaya seeds possess potent anti-parasite and antibacterial properties, so that they are effective at eliminating the harmful intestinal micro-organisms for a healthy digestive system.

Consuming a tablespoon of papaya seeds can stop food poisoning by destroying the bacteria that are triggering the problem, as a result of its strong anti-pathogen activities.

- Prevent Cancer

Potent compounds known as flavonoids and phenolic are found in papaya seeds. These compounds have high antioxidant activities, which can retard the growth of tumor cells. Moreover, the phytonutrient isothiocyanate could prevent the development of lung, colon, prostate, and breast cancer.

- Act as an Powerful Liver Detoxifier

Papaya seeds have been used for long in the Traditional Chinese Medicine for enhancing the vital liver functions by eliminating the harmful toxins.

Many people have also reported that these seeds are useful for those suffering from fatty liver disease, i.e., liver cirrhosis. Namely, consuming a tablespoon of papaya seeds daily is beneficial for liver detoxification. Well, those suffering from this disease are also recommended to make certain dietary and lifestyle changes, like avoiding drinking, in order to achieve the desired results.

- Serve as a Great Kidney Detoxifier

In fact, papaya seeds have excellent medicinal profile. To be more specific, these seeds are helpful for kidney detoxification. They also have awesome anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that can protect the kidneys from toxin-related inflammation.

- Decrease Inflammation

Like the papaya fruit, the papaya seeds also have potent anti-inflammatory properties, which have an ability to fight against inflammation, like asthma, joint pains, arthritis, and gout. Specifically, papaya seeds contain two crucial enzymes, chymopapain and papain, which are responsible for lowering the inflammation linked to these conditions.

- Reduce High Blood Pressure

The studies conducted in lab rats confirmed there are promising improvements in cardiovascular health. In addition, papaya possesses a compound called carpaine, which can also be found in the papaya seeds and leaves, which is proved to be beneficial for lowering diastolic, systolic, and mean arterial blood pressure.

- Act as Natural Contraceptive

The Indians have been consuming papaya seeds for years as a form of natural contraceptive. In other words, in case you want to conceive, avoid consuming papaya seeds since studies carried out in male rat confirmed that those being fed with papaya seeds had low sperm production.


You can eat these seeds in various ways. For instance, you can scoop a tablespoon of the seeds directly from the cut fruit and consume it along with the papaya fruit. If combined with the fruit the seeds do taste good.

Another alternative is to pound the whole lot of the seeds from the papaya fruit, with a pestle and mortar and store them in a small jar in a fridge for no longer than 7 days. But, in case you want to keep them for longer, keep them in a freezer and thaw prior to using.


They can also be dried out under the sun or with a dehydrator. Once dried, they should be pound or grinder into powder with a food processor and then can be used in the food.

Just add a tablespoon of it in your smoothies,  salads, soups, or in your cooking!

Which Amount of Papaya Seeds Should Be Consumed?

At the beginning consume no more than a tablespoon on a daily basis, regardless of consuming them added to your foods or raw and directly from the fruit.

In case your stomach can digest it, you could consume up to 2 tablespoons daily without any side effects.

Note: If consumed in large amounts, they may trigger a reaction.


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