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Here Is Whether You Have Normal Blood Pressure or Not According to Your Age!

Even though high blood pressure is a common condition, but you should always take it seriously.

According to statistics, even half of adult people in the U.S. experience high blood pressure or hypertension.

However, the blood pressure is different for all people, as it actually varies according to the age of the patient.


Bear in mind, the rule that the normal blood pressure is 120/80, doesn’t apply for each person.

Why knowing your number is significant

When the blood force that is pumped through your arteries is too strong, then the high blood pressure occurs.

Over time, severe high blood pressure can contribute blood vessels to become inflamed as well as even leak fluid or blood.

In case this condition continues without adequate treatment, it can result in stroke, heart attack, heart failure, kidney diseases, and even death.

Or in case the blood pressure isn’t well monitored, it can contribute to a hypertensive crisis.

It is important to know that a crisis occurs, when there is a 180 mm Hg or higher systolic reading or a 110 mm Hg or higher diastolic reading.

Moreover, in case your reading is abnormally high, it is recommended to wait for a couple of minutes and measure the pressure again.

You have to seek immediate emergency medical treatment if the blood pressure is the same or higher.

There are also other symptoms: a severe headache, vomiting, nausea, nosebleeds, severe chest pain, breath shortness, seizures, unresponsiveness, and severe anxiety.

In case medical treatment is not administered in time there is a great possibility to experience stroke, heart attack, consciousness loss, memory loss, kidney damage, chest pain, pulmonary oedema, aortic dissection and eclampsia.

Connection between blood pressure and age

The best blood pressure for young people at the age of 20 to 40 is 120/80.

The high blood pressure becomes more serious after the age of 40.

For adults that are aged 40-70, their blood pressure starts as low as 115/75 mmHg, but their risk of heart attack and stroke actually doubles for every 20-point rise in systolic blood pressure or each 10-point rise in diastolic blood pressure.

On the other hand, the blood pressure is changing during the day, depending on your stress level, emotions, and level of activity. Therefore, it is of a great importance to monitor your pressure throughout the day, particularly if you are diagnosed with hypertension.

Also, it is recommended to consult a doctor, nutritionist and naturopath if you feel your blood pressure is getting higher. In addition, you should make certain changes in your diet, as well as change your lifestyle immediately.

Or what is even more important – consider using some homemade remedies as they don’t have any side-effects.

How to maintain normal blood pressure?

You should also know that there are several factors that contribute to hypertension, including genetics, age, as well as some conditions, for instance: sleep apnea, thyroid disorders, and kidney disease.

As mentioned previously, there are a lot of steps you can take on a daily basis in order to improve your blood pressure numbers.

Firstly, you should start by increasing your fruit and vegetable consumption, whereas decreasing your salt intake. As the excessive salt consumption is actually one of the main factors that leads to hypertension.

Additionally, you should also maintain normal weight, exercise on regular basis, quit smoking and alcohol consumption, as well. Also, regulate your stress levels and nutritional deficiencies.


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