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If You Are Banana Lover Read These 10 Shocking Facts (No.6 Is Very Important)

There is no doubt, bananas are among the healthiest fruits on the Earth. It is a tropical fruit that is packed with vitamins and minerals, thus promoting optimal health. That’s not all, this fruit has a unique amazing taste that hardly anyone can resist.

It also offers numerous medicinal properties. The regular banana consumption helps in the treatment of these health problems:

  • Diabetes
  • Morning sickness
  • Depression
  • Osteoporosis
  • Blindness
  • Kidney cancer

Top 10 health benefits of eating bananas regularly:

- Leads to optimal digestion

Bananas are an excellent source of dietary fiber that is very powerful for fighting indigestion and constipation since it regulates bowel movement.

- Prevents deficiency in calcium

This fruit prevents the occurrence of calcium deficiency in the body. Moreover, it also enhances the absorption of minerals by the bones and teeth, making them much stronger.

- Regulates blood sugar levels

They can also keep blood sugar levels under control, so this fruit is greatly useful for diabetics. In addition, bananas can fight PMS symptoms, depression, as well as enhance your mood.

- Makes you a smarter person  

As a result of the high potassium content found in bananas, they can improve your reasoning and cognitive ability. Remember that potassium is one of the crucial minerals responsible for optimal brain function.

- Boosts your energy levels

The regular consumption of bananas can dramatically elevate your energy levels. Specifically, consuming a banana or two before a workout provides you with all the needed energy for the gym.

- Fights anemia

This fruit is abundant in iron, so it can enhance the quality of blood. Therefore, bananas are extremely useful for fighting anemia.

- Helps in the prevention of kidney cancer

This fruit can help in the prevention of kidney cancer development by supporting calcium absorption in the body, which prevents the formation of kidney stones. Bananas can improve bone and teeth health and prevent macular degeneration.

- Prevents a stroke and heart attack

Due to its low sodium and high potassium content, this fruit can lower the risk of experiencing a heart attack or stroke if consumed regularly.

- Fights depression

They are rich in tryptophan that transforms into serotonin in the body. Furthermore, serotonin is a neurotransmitter of the brain, thus regulating your mood.

- Decreases inflammation

This fruit also abounds in vitamin B6 that can lower joint inflammation. Bananas are also effective against type-II diabetes, support the nervous system, and boost the white blood cell production.


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