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If You Have “0” Blood Type, Pay Attention to This as It’ll Save Your Life!

People having blood type 0 can donate blood to anyone as the erythrocytes of this type of blood don’t contain any components that may interfere with other blood types. However, they can receive blood only from the same group.

So, this blood type is specific and different than the others. Those having blood type 0 are more susceptible to infections, but also have features that make them extraordinary at the same time.


These people are meant to be leaders and born to take professional action. In addition, they are successful, focused, as well as capable individuals.

As previously mentioned, they are more susceptible to certain health issues, like hypothyroidism, thyroid issues, ulcers, and iodine deficiency. Moreover, iodine deficiency may result in water retention and obesity.

It is an interesting fact that in Japan this blood type is linked to specific identity.  Now, you probably know why potential workers are always asked about their blood type when on job interview. Namely, these people are seen as devoted, engaged, composed, careful, and capable. Since their ancestors were excellent hunters who could evaluate and had higher chances to survive, they are depicted as smarter and better students when compared to others.


On the contrary, anxiety is their enemy number one, as it makes them hyperactive and imprudent. What’s more, poor diet and lack of physical activity makes them prone to poor thyroid function, insulin resistance, obesity, and other health problems.

Also, they are at higher risk of getting ulcers and stomach issues than others, as a result of the greater amount of stomach acid they deal with.

Therefore, they are recommended to avoid alcohol and caffeine at all cost. Remember that caffeine increases adrenaline that is already high in people having this blood type.

They are also recommended to engage in some physical activity and stick to it! For best results, they should exercise 3-4 times a week.


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