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If You See Your Children Sit In This Position, Immediately Stop Them!

Most of the children usually sit in W-position. In fact, kids spend a long time sitting in this position while playing, but some parents do not pay attention to this.


However, children who are playing and sitting in some other sitting positions, they do develop the rotation and trunk control that is vital for reaching across the body as well as separation of the two body sides. In other words, it is crucial for a kid to develop hand dominance and motor skills.

On the other hand, sitting in W-position is not suggested for anyone. There are a lot of developing children who are able to move through W-position while playing, but parents should know that this sitting position can actually contribute to further orthopedic issues.
It is a fact that each child has to play and those who are motorically challenged want to play even more.

While sitting in W-position, the kid is fixed through the trunk, thus letting them play with toys found in front of them, but it cannot allow lateral weight shifts as well as trunk rotation.

What Is Recommended by Orthopedists?

W-sitting should be discouraged for the children. Furthermore, W-position has negative effects and also may be detrimental for the child’s health in case there are:

- Muscle tightness

This position can also aggravate the muscle tightness. Namely, it puts the hip adductors, hamstrings, heel cords, and internal rotators in a very shortened range. So, in case the kid is prone to contractures or tightness, it is advisable to encourage another sitting position.

- Orthopedic issues

This sitting position can result in hip dislocation, and in case there is a history of hip dysplasia, the child should avoid W-sitting.

- Developmental delays or other neurologic problems

If the kid has greater muscle tone, i.e., spasticity or hypertonia, this sitting position can lead to abnormal movement patterns. Practicing some other sitting positions helps in developing more desirable patterns of movement.
That’s not all, W-position of sitting can also discourage the kid from creating a hand preference. As a result of the fact that while W-sitting there is no trunk rotation, the kid cannot easily reach across the body.

It is recommended to encourage your child to sit in different positions.

The Best Way to Prevent Your Child to Sit in This Position:

You can prevent your child form W-sitting, by prevent it from becoming a habit. Additionally, you should observe and catch the sitting positions before your child even learns to sit in this position. Moreover, kids should be taught to practice various sitting positions. But, in case your child also finds out W-sitting, help him move to another position.

While sitting with a child on the floor, just hold his feet and knees together when creeping or kneeling on knees and hands since in such a case, it cannot get into a W-position.

But, in case a child cannot sit alone in any other position but a W-position, it is recommended to consult a therapist if there is any supportive seating or other alternative positions, like prone, side lying or Tailor sitting.


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