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It Has Been Proved: Turmeric Is Better than Ibuprofen So Substitute Your Painkillers with It!

In fact, almost all Americans turn to drugs, for instance: Advil or Motrin in order to alleviate their pain, no matter if it is headache, back or joint pain, etc. Additionally, they start with the recommended dose and it is increased when it doesn’t really help. As it is a fact that this is a common practice, even a warning about the risk of these drugs as well as their role in triggering strokes and heart attacks has been issues by the FDA.

Moreover, these are the other drugs, which are included in the warning: Naprosyn, Toradol, Celebrex and Aleve. It is estimated that these drugs are related to some serious side effects and they are the main contributors for at least 16,000 deaths every year. Also, it was estimated that they send 100,000 Americans to the emergency rooms. Therefore, it is strongly recommended by the FDA that you should never use more than the recommended dose of these non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs and also you should never make a combination of two NSAIDs and the same active ingredients.

On the other hand, nowadays, the manufacturers of prescription NSAIDs are being forced by the FDA to change their labels and add more specific information about the risk of heart attack and stroke. Namely, bleeding and digestive ulcers are the most common issues associated with the taking of these drugs. In addition, there are a lot of studies that have shown these drugs elevate the risk of other conditions, for instance: delayed fracture healing, atrial fibrillation, i.e., a condition in which your heart weakens and beats rapidly, kidney damage, and soft tissues injuries.

There is also recent evidence that resulted in these more strict warnings by the FDA, which actually showed that even taking the recommended dose of these drugs is linked to serious side effects.

However, we are going to present you a far better, safer, and more natural way that you can use in order to alleviate your pain and inflammation, as well. Also, this ingredient may be found in your kitchen already.

It is turmeric, which is actually a popular natural pain reliever that doesn’t trigger any side effects. Turmeric contains polyphenols, i.e., a compound linked to a great number of health benefits!

Moreover, there is a study that was published in the Alternative and Complementary Medicine journal that showed turmeric can act as an amazing substitute for ibuprofen in the treatment of osteoarthritis. To explain you in detail, turmeric is so beneficial, thanks to its ability to modify the responses of your immune system and also as a result of its strong anti-inflammatory properties.

Also, according to another study, turmeric has been proven to be even more effective at preventing inflammation. You should know that this spice is not only a completely natural, effective, and safe option, but it is easily accessible and affordable, as well.

Additionally, turmeric can be used in various ways, for instance: diarrhea, gas, stomach pain, gallbladder disorders, arthritis, heartburn, liver problems, etc. Turmeric is actually a very useful ingredient as a result of its active ingredient that abounds in powerful antioxidant properties, i.e., curcumin. You should use turmeric in a form of extract, but you can also the root.

So, in case you experience any type of pain instead of taking your drugs you should substitute them with some turmeric and your pain will disappear in no time and also without any side effects!

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