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Low-Fat Milk Contains 20 Toxic Ingredients, Harvard Scientist Says You Should NEVER Drink It!

When I became older and have experienced some digestive problems, so I excluded milk from my diet as I linked it to triggering my excessive gas and indigestion. I preferred the low-fat diet for vain reasons.

As years went by, I have been hearing and reading many controversial things about MILK. I didn’t know if it REALLY do a body any good.

Namely, a researcher, David Ludwig, has actually taken a strong stand on the harmful effects of drinking low-fat milk. He is a Harvard pediatrician and specialist, and points out that low-fat milk and dairy products consist of added sweeteners, so they are risky to your health and well-being.

In other words, sweetened drinks, including low-fat milk, can result in a lot of health problems like weight gain, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and cancer, since they contribute to sugar over-consumption.

Low-fat products are A HARMFUL alternative

When the fat is eliminated from milk, the beverage itself becomes less tasty. So, sugar is added to make up for the loss as well as helps it become more appealing to your palate.

But, consuming more sugar, particularly by drinking it, goes directly against research that has proven that excess sugar should be avoided.

Also, it is even more important to consider WHERE the milk comes from. Milk, including low-fat varieties, has been shown to contain more than 20 antitoxins, painkillers and other toxic and harmful ingredients.

Healthy fats don’t actually make you fat

There is not a lack of information claiming that fat is BAD and to avoid all products containing fat.

But, recent studies have found that healthy fats have a number of benefits for your body. According to a study that was published in the U.S. Journal of Clinical Nutrition, there is no evidence that prove dietary saturated fat is related to higher risk of cardiovascular disease.

In addition, fat from milk can be actually a good thing, considering the fact that the milk is natural and originating from grass-fed cows, which means the milk is RAW and your body tolerates it well.

Moreover, there are other healthy fats such as avocados, coconut oil, and nuts.

In case you do not drink milk, you can find calcium in a lot of other healthy and natural sources, including:

1. Broccoli

2. Collard greens

3. Salmon

4. Sardines

5. Kale

6. Bok Choy

7. Edamame

8. Figs

9. Almonds

10. Oranges

As you can see, since it is a processed food, low-fat milk can have dangerous and negative impact to your health and well being. But, in case you are set on drinking milk, it is recommended to drink organic, clean and natural milk.

Plus, you can give some healthy alternatives a try such as coconut or almond milk, but ensure they are free of carrageenan, which is a great gut disrupter!

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