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Man Diagnosed With Eye Cancer Because of Doing This At Night!

It is an awful fact that one man who was at the age of 40 suffered from the condition called pinkeye and was diagnosed with eye cancer.

According to a great number of scientific researches the mobile screen green light is able to cause human’s retinal cells death, which can affect your vision. To explain you in detail, if you are using your mobile phone in dim light condition for a very long period, it will cause the electron beam to shine directly into your eyes. This can cause conjunctivitis, and even blindness or eye cancer.


In addition, this man had problems with his vision, and also his albumen got red color, and then, he decided to visit a doctor. The doctor said that this condition happened as a result of using his mobile phone about 30 minutes in the dark before sleeping. Moreover, it caused his macular degeneration that resulted in impaired vision and even eye cancer symptoms.

According to doctors there is anything to do in this situation, since our medicine is not too advanced in order to perform the surgical procedure of retina replacing.




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