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Place 3 Lemons Cut On Your Nightstand, This Trick Will Change Your Life Forever Believe It Or Not!

A great number of people don’t believe in negative energies, but they definitely exist and when they are present among us, in our surrounding, they can actually affect our health, relationship as well as prosperity.

Bur, don’t worry about that, as in this article we are going to reveal how you can deal with negative energy around you.

It is a fact that lemon is an awesome natural ingredient that is great for your overall health, but it can also neutralize the bad energy and place harmony inside your lifestyle.

The only thing you should do is to place its aroma on places where you spend most of your time. So, the lemon will lower all the negativity that surrounds you.

Namely, take 3 green lemons and place them in several places around your house. When they reach yellow or black color, you should replace them with fresh, green ones.

In addition, you can boil its peel in rainwater, or take it as amulet. But, it will not affect you, just the negative energy.

You should take 9 lemons, one large basket and place them above the refrigerator on a floor of rice. It is thought that for wealth, you should put 8 lemons in a circle and 1 lemon in the middle.

Moreover, to keep a balance at work, it is recommended to place lemons on desk drawer or in a purse, whereas for bad energy, just spray lemon water around the house.

In order to attract love, take a bowl and 3 lemons and place them on your night table.

To remove all the bad energy that glued to you during the whole day, you should cut a lemon on 4 halves, place salt within the dish and place it under your bed before going to bed.

In case you are not able to place it under your bed, just place it beside the wall or on the floor. Bear in mind, you should not touch the lemons in the morning, just throw them in garbage and do this method for at least 3 days in order to feel better.

Or just place one lemon in your bag and carry it with you the whole day. But, at night, the lemon will be dried. The next day, throw the lemon and bring new one. It will absorb all the negative energy.

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