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How to Prepare Yourself a Natural and Inexpensive Softener

In order to replace the products that contain chemicals in your home with some other natural versions, you should read this article. It is about the fabric softeners as common household products and how to replace them with a homemade fabric softener, which contains only natural ingredients that will not irritate your skin anymore.

Actually, besides this healthier version of softener will protect you from potentially detrimental chemicals, it is even cheaper than the fabric one.


Homemade fabric softener recipe

It is an excellent way to save extra money if you prepare your own fabric softener that is cheap, without any toxins, amazingly smelling, and completely natural powerful softener. The unpleasant odours and the great stains can be easily removed from your clothes.


- Half a cup of baking soda

- 2 cups of Epsom salt

- 20-30 drops of essential oil

- A lidded container

You can choose any odour of the essential oil you want.


First of all, mix the Epsom salt and essential oil into the container.

Then, add the baking soda into the mixture. It has a strong capacity to remove stains, dirt, grime, etc., from your clothes.

The recommended dose of the fabric softener per load is 2-3 tablespoons just before the clothes go through their final rinse. You can freely add more or less amount of the essential oil.

Homemade fabric softener benefits

- The first and the most significant matter about using homemade fabric softener is that it doesn’t contain any detrimental chemicals. On the other hand, the softeners that you bought from supermarkets really contain a great number of harmful chemicals, for instance, benzyl acetate, which can increase the risk of pancreatic cancer. Moreover, these chemicals are harmful for your environment.

- This wonderful homemade softener doesn’t irritate your skin and it also doesn’t cause itching, because it is chemical free product. While using the bought softeners will probably irritate your skin or your upper respiratory tract, or they can cause itching in some people.

To conclude, there is no reason to buy the softeners full of chemicals and many other harmful substances, when there is a possibility for you to prepare the same product at home. And not to mention that it is also a cheaper and safer and a natural option for your clothes.

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