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Put THIS Mixture Under Your Tongue Before Bed And NEVER Wake Up Tired Again!

Unfortunately, very few people give sleeping much thought, and also even those who suffer from sleep loss usually think it is quite normal.

In fact, sleep plays an immense role in overall health, so getting too much or too little may have a huge effect on your well-being.

How your health is affected by your sleep?

As you know, lack of sleep may have terrible impact on your health.

According to the European Heart Journal’s that reviewed 15 medical studies in 2011, which involved almost 475,000 people, found out that those individuals who had shortened sleep cycles had a 48% higher risk of developing or even dying from coronary heart disease. Also, those people were at a 15% higher risk of developing or dying from stroke.

So, keep in mind sleep is actually the recovery period of your body.

Better sleep patterns can contribute to:

  • Better sex life
  • Better mood
  • Better memory
  • Clearer thinking
  • Stronger immunity
  • Improved weight control
  • Lower injury risk
  • Less pain

The best way to get proper sleep

The sleep quality is directly associated with your lifestyle habits as well as health. Additionally, it has been proven that if you are using distractions such as cell phone, television, or computer before sleeping you can greatly reduce your sleep quality.

In other words, the key factor of a good night’s sleep is actually winding down and relaxing 30 minutes to an hour before going to bed. For instance, you can achieve this with a good book, yoga, or having nice warm bath.

Effective natural sleep remedy

This is a simple two-ingredient natural remedy, which can help you get a great night’s sleep, i.e., it will actually help your body relax and regroup from the day, and at the same time prepare itself for the next morning.


First of all, you should mix these two ingredients in a small bowl. Then, store the mixture in a glass jar and keep it in a cool and dark place.

For best results, it is recommended to put a little bit of this miraculous mixture under your tongue before sleeping. You should also let it dissolve naturally.

How it works?

It is very important to know that by the time you go to bed after your last meal, your body will probably have consumed half of your liver’s glycogen supply. As a result of the fact that the sleep is energy-driven, the more emptied your glycogen supplies, the harder it will be for you to fall asleep.

Himalayan sea salt is made up of more than 80 minerals and elements necessary for your body in order to perform different functions, also helping your body in the recovery from the day.

Honey causes a small insulin spike, and insulin is able to stimulate the release of tryptophan in your brain. Moreover, tryptophan is converted to serotonin that is then converted to melatonin, i.e., a sleep hormone.

To conclude, this great combination of honey and salt has a strong capacity to elevate serotonin levels that is a vital hormone for happiness and relaxation, as well.


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