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See What Happens When You Drink Raw Juice On An Empty Stomach

You know that all major natural healing centres all over the world offer the same raw diet juicing recipe. But, don’t worry, we have the most powerful, alkalising, hydrating, energising, nourishing, cleansing, healing and rejuvenating recipe for you.


How this raw diet juicing recipe helps you?

This wonderful juice is full of fibres so that:

  • allows your organism a better food digestion and a break from the solid food

  • saved” nutrients on fuel digestion can be focused on metabolic processes

  • fibres contain 99.99% of nutritive elements

  • your cells can quickly absorb the concentrated nutritive elements

  • balances, neutralises and alkalises your body in an effective way

  • cleanses your body in an effective way

  • rebuild your cells and also helps your inflamed and damaged tissues

  • helps you intake a great amount of nutritive elements from the raw food

  • helps you feel more energized just for a 20-30 minutes

  • hydrates your body in an effective way (especially, the mineral sprout and green juice)

How to maximize the benefits of your raw juice drink for the best results?

- You should drink it on an empty stomach and it will hasten your blood stream (just prepare yourself for the day that is coming and stay healthy).

- You shouldn’t drink it at one gulp, but within 15-20 minutes, and don’t store it for later, because it will lose the nutritive elements, except if you refrigerate it.

- You shouldn’t eat at least 20 minutes after you have drunk it, because that will slow down your food digestion and some healthy ingredients will be lost.

- You should use only the best fresh, organic, local and seasonal ingredients.

- You should peel non-organic or waxed ingredients.

- You should thoroughly wash them.

- You should strain it before drinking.

- You should have a heavy duty juicer.

Which is the recommended dose you should drink?

As a minimum dose it is recommended consumption of at least 2 glasses or 16 ounces daily.

But, our recommendation is to listen to your body and to start with only one glass.

Don’t be scared if you feel a bit nauseous after drinking your first juice. You should drink a bit less the next time and gradually to increase the amount.

We guarantee if you start drinking this natural organic juice you will want to drink it more and more! And also, there are no side effects of its consumption. Just enjoy drinking your favourite juice!

The juice should be used for detoxification, healing and cleansing of your body.

You must start drinking these juices and it will completely change your life, of course, in a better way!

But, besides raw juices, your diet should be enriched with fibre rich plants.

If you are still not sure to take this kind of a juice, think about it twice and try it just once. You will be amazed with the results.

Jay Kordich is known as the father of juicing. His favourite recipe is the following.


- 1 apple

- 10 carrots

This recipe is only for two.

Don’t hesitate to watch the following video about yummy raw green juice:


- 5-7 honey crisp apples or pink lady apples

- Juice of 2-3 lemons or limes

- 5-6 celery stalks

- 1 cucumber

- Half head of romaine

- 1 head of kale


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