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The Body Odor Can Be Removed More Effectively by Using This Fruit than Cancer-Causing Deodorants!

Unbelievably, sweats are capable of fighting off infections! In other words, a compound known as dermicidin, which kills off harmful bacteria before getting inside the body, is present in the sweat.

On the contrary, this process is totally ruined by using antiperspirants since they clog the sweat ducts with toxins, such as aluminum. In such a case, the skin bacteria can grow, multiply as well as enter the bloodstream. Therefore, it is advisable to avoid using antiperspirants. In addition,  it is also recommended to avoid commercial deodorants as most of them include harmful toxins, which lead to reproductive damage, Alzheimer’s, and cancer.

Luckily, here is a natural alternative for removing body odor – we are talking about lime. Besides it is safe, but lime is more powerful than any artificial item!

Here Is How to Use It:


First of all, buy a freshly-ripened lime. Then, it should be cut in half and one piece of it should be rubbed into the armpit. The same procedure should be repeated on the other side.

Before putting a shirt on, allow the armpits to air dry in order to let the citric acid act. Also, it can prevent any stains on the clothes.

Moreover, you should use those lime slices and store them in a marked container. Try to get at least several days of odor protection out of each lime slice.

How It Works:

Bear in mind that sweat itself doesn’t smell bad. But, that awful smell is triggered by the bacteria and fungi since they cannot be destroyed by the sweat’s dermicidin. What’s more, the bacteria keeps thriving and multiplying throughout the armpits.

As you can see, lime juice is actually an effective antibacterial agent that takes care of those stray growths.

Plus, instead of just masking the odor like the commercial deodorants, lime juice has an ability to stop the odor from appearing.

Watch the following video from Vegan Tiandra to see how the lime deodorant acts!


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