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The Cancer, Dies When You Eat These 7 Foods, Time To Start Eating Them!

If you are diagnosed with any cancer type or just want to prevent the disease, then, this article is for you!

The latest medical research has proven that these 7 powerful and also delicious foods and drinks are able to fight cancer cells in an effective manner.

They actually don’t nourish cancer cells, but they prevent the growth of tumours. Also, the most interesting thing about this is that they may already be one of your favourite foods.

These are the anti-cancer foods:

- Wine

- Tomatoes

- Blueberries

- Black chocolate

- Turmeric

- Green tea

Experts also have pointed out that these super-foods can be even more effective than chemotherapy.

Now you may wonder which the secret properties found in these foods are that make them become so powerful.

To explain you in detail, angiogenesis is the standard process of creation of blood vessel within your body. Moreover, it is enhanced during certain life phases, for instance in the newborn babies. Unfortunately, it is not enhanced during the later part of your life, when there is a need to restore tissue or capillaries in case of wounds.

Furthermore, the inhibitor and activator molecules regulate this process. In fact, most of the time, the inhibitors play the major role in this process. On the other hand, activators are important when there is a need for stimulation of enhanced vascular cell growth for the formation of new blood vessels.

Therefore the medications, i.e., inhibitors are developed by the modern medicine and they function opposite of chemotherapy – they don’t attack cancer cells and prevent development of blood vessels to tumours.

But, the above mentioned foods have anti-angiogenesis properties that actually prevent the blood from passing to the tumour cells.

Also, according to the experts you should enrich your diet with all these foods in order to regulate the process of angiogenesis. In this way, you can prevent the development as well as the spreading of microscopic tumours within your body.

Healthy properties of the foods beneficial in inhibiting angiogenesis:

- Red wine

Red wine contains an extremely powerful and miraculous substance, i.e., resveratrol, which is an excellent antioxidant found in the grape skin. In addition, it has numerous health benefits, but the most important one is that it is able to minimize the risk of heart disease development and also it can lead to longevity.

Also, a lot of studies have proven that resveratrol can help in the process of killing bacteria, viruses and fungi. This substance can also help in the prolonging of animal life and it can stimulate the energy production in cells.

In addition, these are some other benefits of the substance:

- Prevents cell damage as a result of nuclear radiation.

- Repairs damaged DNA.

- Kills harmful free radicals.

- Improves heart function.

- Improves glucose tolerance in diabetics.

- Improves physical and mental health.

- Improves concentration.

So, you could have an intake of 640 mcg resveratrol by drinking just 225 ml of red wine. Also, you should know that if you decide to take the resveratrol supplements, the recommended dosage is 200 to 600 mcg on a daily basis.

It is of a great importance for you to know that according to a research, there are certain red wine brands, for instance Bordeaux and Pinot Noir, which contain high levels of this powerful polyphenol.

- Tomatoes

Another food that is extremely powerful in inhibiting angiogenesis is tomatoes. Furthermore, according to a study carried out at Harvard those people who took tomato sauce or cooked tomato 4 or more times within a month have a smaller risk of prostate cancer by up to 50%.

They are so beneficial thanks to their abundance in lycopene, i.e., an ingredient that has anti-angiogenic properties. It dissolves fat and is absorbed by your digestive tract.

You should also know that unlike vitamin C, the content of lycopene is actually increased when you process tomatoes by cooking them in oil or process them on high temperature.

- Raspberries and blueberries

It is considered that these fruits are very effective in the prevention of various cancer types, as they help in the reduction of oxidative stress and inhibiting angiogenesis. They also contain phytochemicals that are actually active ingredients that can fight against cancer cells. Moreover, raspberries and blueberries can also be very effective in the treatment of ovarian cancer.

- Dark chocolate

Despite the dark chocolate is excellent for your overall health, it can also fight bad cells and improve your mood.

- Turmeric

Turmeric is an amazing food with numerous health benefits, for instance it can improve your general health as well as help in the process of fat burning.

- Green tea and coffee

Fortunately, many people like coffee and green tea and if you are one of those people good for you – they are very beneficial drinks that help in fighting cancer.

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