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The Cancer Dies When You Eat These7 Foods. Time To Start Eating Them!

According to a research that has been carried out recently the following 7 types of foods and drinks are able to stop the development of cancer and tumour. These beneficial, natural foods contain strong anti-carcinogenic properties that have a capacity to kill cancer cells without any side effects. Did you know that you consume some of them every day and they are probably some of your favourite foods? They include: blueberries, red wine, black chocolate, turmeric, tomatoes, and green tea. A lot of scientists and medical experts pointed out that the above mentioned foods are proved to be even more effective than the traditional chemotherapy treatment.

Which ingredients make these foods so beneficial?

If you are wondering what makes them so efficient here is the answer! They contain effective anti-cancer properties, thus preventing the blood supply from going to the tumour cells. In fact, these 7 foods are anti-angiogenesis, and therefore they are able to stop and also to slow down the development of cancer cells. In other words they have a powerful capacity to stop the feeding of the cancer cells.

To explain you more deeply, the process of creation of new blood vessels in your body is called angiogenesis. It is enhanced in particular periods of our lives, for example in newborns. But this process is rarely performed later in life, but it can be activated when the wound tissues and capillaries are regenerated and refreshed. In addition, the angiogenesis is commonly regulated by an activator and inhibitor molecules. However, the inhibitors predominate and if there are carcinogenic cells in the human body, they are able to stimulate the activators in order to increase the vascular growth, thus leading to the creation of new blood vessels. Their angiogenesis activators are released by the cancer cells. The activators are actually the molecules that “cheat” the human body and stimulate the development of new blood vessels, which boost the supply of nutrients and oxygen to the tumour.

You should know that the cancer cells need appropriate food and nutrients in order to grow faster. Furthermore, they will decelerate the process of angiogenesis and will also prevent the creation of new food channels. Maybe now you are aware why the medications for cancer treatment are inhibitors, which are able to counteract the activators effect and also to stop the angiogenesis process. Inhibitors are not able to kill the cancer cells, so they can just stop and decelerate the growth of cancer cells. Unfortunately, this is the cruel truth about this traditional chemotherapy treatment. But don’t be disappointed we are going to present you 7 effective natural ingredients that have the same anti-angiogenesis properties.

- Blueberry and raspberry

Blueberries and also raspberries contain effective anti-cancer properties and also a great number of healthy nutrients. They are also abundant in phytochemicals, a property that is able to help you prevent yourself from various types of cancer, to lower the oxidative stress and to stop angiogenesis. It is good to know that these fruits are very effective in protecting and fighting against ovarian cancer.


- Red wine

The red wine is abundant in resveratrol that is an extremely effective antioxidant property, which can be found in the grape skins. This ingredient is so powerful and extremely beneficial, thus reducing the cancer risk. According to several medical researches this healthy compound has a strong capacity to inhibit cancer growth, to stimulate the energy creation of human cells, to remove the dangerous and harmful free radicals, to increase glucose tolerance to diabetes, to improve heart function, physical and mental function and concentration, to repair the damaged DNA, to eliminate viruses and fungi, bacteria, and to help the animals live longer, as well. Additionally, it can also prevent the nuclear radiation cell damage.

You should know that only one glass of red wine or 225 ml contains about 640 mcg of resveratrol. Moreover, you can also find resveratrol supplements on the market, usually combined with grape extracts or other natural antioxidants extracts. The recommended dose is 200 – 600 mcg on a daily basis. A scientific research pointed out that this beneficial compound is found in extremely high levels in Bordeaux and Pinot Noir.


- Dark chocolate

Most of the people love this chocolate. It is very delicious food and also a healthy product. In addition, dark chocolate is beneficial for your heart health, it is able to improve your mood and it is extremely beneficial in fighting cancer cells.


- Turmeric

This is a miraculous spice that contains extremely powerful anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties, thus makes it a very beneficial ingredient. It is very effective in stimulating the fat-burning process and it can also improve your overall health. It is good to know that turmeric can be used as a preventive measure against cancer. In addition, you should incorporate this amazing spice into your diet!


- Tomato

According to a research that has recently been carried out by a group of researchers at the Harvard University people who consumed tomato juice more than 5 times within a month, have up to 50% reduction in the prostate cancer risk. They poited out that tomatoes are proved to be extremely effective and beneficial in inhibiting the angiogenesis, as they are a great source of the lycopene compound, which has powerful anti-angiogenic characteristics. In fact, lycopene is a fat-soluble compound and therefore an appropriate absorption through the digestive tract is required by it. It is an interesting fact that if tomatoes are exposed to high temperatures or cooked along with oil they have increased levels of Vitamin C.


- Green tea and coffee

Did you know that these drinks are beneficial for your metabolism? Green tea and coffee is able to hasten the weight loss process. Moreover, they can lower the possibility of cancer development.

To sum up, if you consume these 7 foods and drinks you are going to be very healthy and also prevent yourself from many diseases. So, the decision is yours, but, we will be glad if you listen to our advice!


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