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The Soursop Leaves Are 1,000 Times More Powerful at Destroying Cancer Cells than Chemotherapy!


Additionally, the soursop tree’s leaves, root, and bark have been used for treating and preventing a number of health issues for thousands of years.

Here is a short list of the benefits of soursop leaves:

- Effective against cancer

It is considered that soursop is an effective cancer treatment, although this information is not backed up by science. But, according to the experts, the leaves of soursop are 1,000 times more effective when compared to chemotherapy, i.e., the most commonly used cancer treatment.

Moreover, soursop leaves are thought to be extremely effective in the case of breast, prostate, and lung cancer. What’s more, the best part about this alternative cancer treatment is that it actually doesn’t trigger any side effects.

So, in order to prepare this super-effective tea, you should chop the soursop leaves and add them to 3 cups of water. Afterwards, bring the water to boil and remove from heat once 2/3 of the water evaporates. Then, just let it cool and consume it fresh.

- Urinary tract infection treatment

Urinary tract infection is health condition characterized by the bacterial infection of the urethra, ureters, urinary bladder, as well as kidneys. There are a lot of experts claiming that the consummation of this tea has powerful effects against urinary tract infections. In addition, if you are prone to this condition, consider drinking this tea regularly as an excellent preventive measure.

- Gout treatment

Gout is a condition characterized by painful and inflamed joints, especially the hand and feet joints. Drinking the tea made from boiling soursop leaves can help in the alleviation of this condition.

- Effective against rheumatism

It is manifested by muscle and joint swelling and pain. But, you can avoid the side effects of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs by using soursop leaves since they act as powerful anti-inflammatory agent and are completely safe for use.

- Perfect for eczema

Soursop leaves can also be used in the treatment of eczema. According to experts, the best thing about using these leaves is that they don’t lead to any side effects like most topical steroids do, manly in cases when are used for longer periods of time.

You should follow the procedure explained above on making a poultice out of soursop leaves in order to fight eczema. Apply the poultice liberally on the affected areas and you will feel the benefit from its brilliant anti–inflammatory properties.

- Immunity booster

Weak immune system or poor immunity is manifested by frequent colds, flu, and infections. By regular consumption of soursop leaves you can effectively boost your immunity and prevent such problems.

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