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The Truth Why You Become Sick Because of Wheat Consumption!


You are most likely to have heard about the gluten-free diet. This diet does not include gluten, including wheat, and is consumed by those who experience a gluten allergy or sensitivity as well as by many others. However, there is some evidence indicating that it may not be gluten that the U.S. population should be worried about when it comes to wheat. But, the real cause is far worse.


Moreover, the U.S. wheat harvesting protocol is to drench the wheat field using an herbicide known as Roundup a few days before harvesting. It includes this method since dead wheat plants are easier on the farm equipment and can be more easily and more quickly harvested.

A deadly active ingredient called glyphosate is present in Roundup and the other herbicides, which are used for wheat and barley harvesting. Since 1980, this herbicide has been used pre-harvest and has actually become a routine drying agent 7-10 days before harvest.

This issue has been thoroughly studied by Dr. Stephanie Seneff of MIT. She has presented her findings at nutrition conferences explaining that by the 1990, the desiccating non-organic wheat crops using glyphosate before harvest was commonly used, so that it contaminated most of the non-organic wheat in U.S. This woman also added that if wheat is exposed to a toxic chemical, like glyphosate, then it releases more seeds, thus contributing to a slightly greater yield.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture estimated that in 2012, herbicides were used on 99% of drum wheat, 97% of spring wheat and 61% of winter wheat. In addition, it indicates a significant increase over the past two decades. Specifically, since 1998, there has been a 91% increase in spring wheat, an 88% increase in durum wheat, and a 47% increase in winter wheat.


Even though the practice is not licensed, but Roundup is used to kill their wheat plants as well as contribute to an earlier and more plentiful harvest.

Unfortunately, consumers are eating wheat flour products, which surely include traces of Roundup.

On the other hand, this practice of using Roundup is completely banned in the Netherlands.

The farmers are profiting, whereas this practice destroys the health of consumers

According to the herbicide industry, glyphosate is minimally toxic to humans. However, the journal Entropy published research showing exactly how glyphosate disrupts physiology. Namely, Roundup has an active ingredient that lethally disrupts the essential pathway located in beneficial gut microbes, which plays a role in critical amino acid synthesis. Furthermore, friendly gut bacteria, i.e., pro-biotic, are responsible for keeping the body healthy. It help in digestion, strengthen the immune system and synthesize vitamins. But, this research has proved that this process is greatly disrupted by Roundup.

What’s more, the enzymes created by the gut microbiome critical to detoxifying chemical compounds that the body is exposed to, are inhibited by glyphosate. Those exposed to this substance through the use of Roundup actually become even more vulnerable to the devastating effects of other chemicals and environmental toxins they may encounter.

It results in inflammation over months and years of exposure, contributing to certain health issues like: depression, gastrointestinal disorders, diabetes, obesity, heart disease, Alzheimer’s disease, cancer, infertility, etc.

Even in case you don’t experience a problem digesting wheat, eating conventional wheat can harm your body in various ways, causing illness and disease.

Ultimately, if you don’t suffer from a wheat sensitivity or allergy, you can consume an organic, low gluten, un-hybridized Einkorn wheat.


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