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The Ultimate Ginger-Turmeric-Carrot Juice To Replace Your Pain And Inflammation Meds!

Those who suffer from arthritis understand how much this condition can make everyday life difficult.

Arthritis can actually limit mobility and trigger debilitating pain with little relief when it’s experienced in the knees or hips.

Unluckily, there are a great number of patients, who find relief thanks to over-the-counter drugs, for instance: ibuprofen or prescription medication. However, these pills have a negative impact on the liver and can contribute to dependency or even addiction.

On the other hand, by cutting out the inflammatory foods from the daily diet, arthritis patients can notice incredibly beneficial effects.

So, you should consume this fantastic smoothie in the morning in order to relieve pain before it happens. Namely, your joints will actually run as smoothly as a fresh-oiled machine!

Fantastic recipe of antioxidant-rich smoothie:

This juice is rich in nutrients as well as disease-fighting compounds, and therefore you should use only organic produce for best results.


- Half piece of turmeric root

- Half piece of ginger root

- 3 or 4 carrots

- 1 red apple

- 1/4 unpeeled lemon


Firstly, the turmeric and ginger should be peeled and the core of the apple should be removed.

Secondly, all the ingredients should be cut up.

Finally, all the ingredients should be put in a blender and pulsed at high speed. Also, a bit of water can be added if necessary.

The exceptional benefits of each ingredient:

- Turmeric is able to decrease arthritis-triggered pain better than ibuprofen. Its root can also fight infections, prevent some cancer types, decrease inflammation, and treat digestive and liver issues. Additionally, it is proved to be beneficial when it comes to multiple sclerosis, Alzheimer disease, Parkinson disease, and many other conditions.

- Ginger has a powerful capacity to lower joint pain and inflammation in people who suffer from osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Actually, it suppresses inflammatory molecules and switches off certain inflammatory genes. So, like turmeric, ginger also acts similar to ibuprofen.

- Carrots abound in beta-cryptoxanthin as well as other antioxidants, which provide excellent anti-inflammatory benefits, such as those of the popular anti-inflammatory drugs: Naproxen, Ibuprofen, Aspirin, and Celebrex.

- Apples are actually one of the highest sources of quercetin, i.e., a potent anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant compound that can keep proper heart and blood vessel health as well as fight circulation issues, high cholesterol levels, and heart disease.

- Lemons, especially their peel, have marvellous health benefits. Even though they contain citric acid, but they also have a powerful alkalizing effect on the organism. Furthermore, the nutrients and compounds found in their peel are able to relax blood vessels, lower inflammation and also fight nerve pain, which make them an excellent fruit for arthritis patients.

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