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These Are Early Signs for Extremely High Blood Pressure (Many People Have It, but They Are Not Aware of It)


Most people know hypertension or high blood pressure is a common disease, i.e., the blood flows through vessels and arteries at higher pressure.

Are you familiar with the fact that approximately 46 billion dollars are spent for this terrible disease every year? It is estimated on the basis of all purchased medicaments, the money spent for health services and also missed days of work during the hypertension treatment. Additionally, these people, who suffer from this condition, use harmful beta-blockers, ACE inhibitor medications and diuretics, and they also limit the salt intake in their diet. These medications cannot completely cure their condition, but they can just alleviate the unpleasant symptoms. It is good to know that some patients with a high blood pressure extremely reduce their salt consumption, but it is still a controversial question.

To explain you more deeply, hypertension might happen when the blood pressure is forced, and it also pushes the blood against the wall of arteries to become high.

It is the most frightening fact that there are no specific signs or symptoms of this condition even though it is increased on an extremely high level.

According to medical experts there are two types of pressures: systolic – the blood pressure when the heart beats while pumping blood, and diastolic – the blood pressure when the heart makes a break between beats.

Blood pressure levels:

- Normal level: If the blood pressure is lower than 120/80

- Pre-hypertension: If the blood pressure is 120–139/80–89

- Stage 1 hypertension: If the blood pressure is 140–159/90–99

- Stage 2 hypertension: If the blood pressure is 160 and above/100 and above

Did you know that these are the most common signs and symptoms of hypertension: headaches, pain in your chest, bleeding from your nose, vision changes, tiredness, ear noise or buzzing, and also confusion?

It is fact that, people who have normal blood pressure live about 5 years longer than those who suffer from hypertension. Therefore, you should regulate and also keep the normal levels of your blood pressure.

What are the complications that are caused by hypertension?

Some studies have shown that more than 360.000 death cases in the USA happen as a result of the hypertension, i.e., that is approximately 1,000 deaths on a daily basis.

These serious conditions can be caused by high blood pressure

- Chronic heart failure: Most people who suffer from chronic heart failure also have hypertension.

- First stroke: In fact, about seven people of every ten had their first heart attacks as a result of the hypertension.

- Problems with the memory: People who had problems with high blood pressure also have problems with their memory or understanding concepts, i.e., they have a lowered thinking, remembering and learning ability.

- Problems with the eyes: A vision loss can be caused by the hypertension because it is able to cause thickened, narrowed and torn blood vessels in your eyes.

- Metabolic syndrome: If you suffer from this syndrome you probably have a combination of three or more of the following problems: abdominal fat mass, high triglyceride levels, high blood glucose levels, high blood pressure, or low good cholesterol. In addition, the hypertension is able to increase the risk of metabolic syndrome, as well.

- Aneyrism: It can be affected by the increased blood pressure because your blood vessels are weaker. You should also know that its rupture can threat your life.

Relation between the high blood pressure and the low blood pressure

In fact, the risk of high blood pressure and the low blood pressure can be increased by ageing.


These signs can act as indicators of high blood pressure:

- Headaches

- Tiredness

- Confusion

- Pain in the chest

- Bleeding from the nose

- Ear noise or buzzing

- Irregular heartbeat

- Vision changes

However, these are more alarming hypertension facts and its symptoms:

- In the USA, nearly one of three adults, suffer from pre-hypertension – higher blood pressure than normal, which is not in the highest range.

- In the USA, about one of every three adults or about 70 million people, have high blood pressure.

- 52% of the people who suffer from hypertension cannot keep their blood pressure under control.

- As mentioned above, the USA spends about 64 billions dollars every year on hypertension: costs for treatment medications, health services and missed days of work.

Low blood pressure

This is the blood pressure range:

- Normal: If the blood pressure is lower than 120/80

- Low blood pressure: If it is lower than 90/60

- Pre-hypotension: If the blood pressure is 120-139/80-90

- Stage 1 hypertension: If the blood pressure is 140-159/90-99

- Stage 2 hypertension: If the blood pressure is 160 and above/100 and above

Low blood pressure facts:

- It is a fact that if the blood pressure is suddenly decreased, the brain has a lack of appropriate blood supply, and it may cause headedness and dizziness, as well.

- This condition can be caused by the plague absorption in blood vessels, the blood flow to the heart muscle and also the brain declines during ageing.

- It is estimated that about 10% to 20% of people who are over the age of 65 suffer from postural low blood pressure.

- Actually, postural hypotension or orthostatic hypotension is a sudden decreasing of blood pressure. Usually, it happens in cases when people suddenly rise themselves from a sitting position. However, hypotension happens when people are in standing position for a long period of time.

- But, bear in mind it is a fact that the chronic low blood pressure that don’t have any symptoms is not a serious condition.

Doctors usually undertake some measures if there are visible signs and symptoms caused by the low blood pressure:

- Fatigue

- Nausea

- Unusual thirst and dehydration

- Fainting

- Cold, clammy, pale skin

- Vision changes

- Mild dizziness

- Lack of concentration

- Depression

These conditions can be caused by the low blood pressure:

- Decreases in blood volume

- Pregnancy

- Fatigue

- Medications such as: diuretics and other hypertension medications such as: beta blockers which, Parkinson’s disease medications, erectile dysfunction medications, tricyclic antidepressants, especially if they are combined with nitroglycerin, narcotics and alcohol, as well. Moreover, many other medications are able to lower your blood pressure if you combine them with HBP medications.

- Serious infections

- Heart issues

- Endocrine issues

- Neuralgic mediated hypotension

- Allergic reaction or analhylaxis, which is sometimes a fatal allergic reaction in people who are extremely sensitive to certain foods, for instance the peanuts, to medications, for instance the penicillin and also to bee or wasp bites. The symptoms of this allergic reaction are breathing problems, swollen throat, itching, hives and a sudden drastic reduction in blood pressure.

- Deficiency of nutritive elements that is a lack of vitamin B12 and folic acid can cause anaemia, thus lowering the blood pressure.

High blood pressure diet

It is good to know that the blood pressure is a healthy issue, which requires serious attention. We are going to present you some natural remedies for high blood pressure that you should incorporate into your diet.

You should avoid the following foods:

- Sugar

According to some researches if you consume high levels of sugar is more dangerous than the salt consumption for your high blood pressure.

- Foods rich in sodium

You should avoid processed and canned foods that contain high levels of sodium.

- Alcohol

Alcohol consumption can narrow your arteries and can also increase your blood pressure.

- Caffeine

This ingredient is also able to increase your blood pressure, so you should eliminate it from your diet.

- Trans fat acids and omega 6-fats

The packaged foods and conventional meats contain these ingredients that are extremely harmful and can lead to inflammation and increased blood pressure.

You should consume the following foods:

- Foods rich in fibre

A healthy diet should contain foods rich in fibre for example: fruits, vegetables, seeds, beans.

- Tea

The white tea consumption several times a day can help you reduce the blood pressure, thus protecting yourself from heart stoke.

- Foods rich in Omega-3

These foods have a strong capacity to lower your inflammation therefore you should consume them, for example: flaxseeds, chia seeds, wild-caught salmon, grass-fed beef, etc.

- Foods rich in potassium

If you consume these foods, their main ingredient – potassium – will help you regulate the blood pressure with no side effects, such as: coconut, bananas, avocados, and melons.

- Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate can be extremely beneficial because it contains at least 200 milligrams of cocoa phenols, an powerful ingredient that is able to lower blood pressure.

- Mediterranean diet

Consume this diet in order to reduce the blood pressure, because it is made up of fruits, vegetables, sea food, and also healthy omega 3 fat oils.

- Apple cider vinegar

This natural ingredient is also rich in potassium, and it can help you maintain the body alkaline levels that are able to reduce your blood pressure naturally.

Supplements you should consume to regulate the blood pressure:

- Cocoa

You should consume cocoa that is rich in flavonols in order to decrease your blood pressure and also to improve the blood flow to the brain and heart. In addition, cocoa is a natural vasodilator, thus increasing the nitric oxide in your blood and widening your blood vessels, as well.

- Fish oil

A lot of researches have shown that the fish oil consumption that is abundant in EPA and DHA forms of omega-3 fatty acids, has a strong capacity to lower your inflammation, because most of people know that this is one of the main causes of high blood pressure. For best results, you should consume 1,000 ml of fish oil each day along with your meals.

- Garlic

It can be found in a form of pills or as a supplement in liquid. According to a research carried out in 2013, you should incorporate aged garlic into your diet because it can reduce your peripheral and central blood pressure if you have some blood pressure issues. In addition, garlic can treat inflammation, arterial stiffness and also many other cardiovascular diseases.

- Coenzyme Q10

This ingredient contains antioxidant properties that are essential for supporting heart health. It is also extremely beneficial in order to reduce the cholesterol levels and also the blood pressure. The recommended dose of this natural remedy in order to reduce the high blood pressure is about 200 to 300 ml on a daily basis.

- Magnesium

It can also lower your blood pressure because it has an ability to relax your blood vessels. You should consume a 500 ml a day at the beginning, before sleeping.

High blood pressure natural remedies

- Essential oils

They are able to reduce your blood pressure by decreasing your emotional stress, dilating arteries. These oils can also reduce oxidative stress, since they contain antioxidant properties. You should use these oils to reduce the blood pressure. In addition, there are some of them: frankincense, lavender, sweet marjoram, neroli ylan ylang, etc. For the best results you should add a few drops of the oils in a neutral carrier oil or lotion, apply it on your skin and then massage your body.

- Increase your physical activity and exercises

Most of people know that for maintenance of healthy weight and fit body and what is most important in order to reduce your blood pressure you should start exercising or performing any type of physical activity at least 20 a day.

- Reduce stress

In fact, reduce your stress because it will result in reduction of your high blood pressure. Bear in mind you must not use alcohol, tobacco, or excessive food quantities because it can only worse the problem.

Moreover, you should perform some relaxation techniques such as: deep breathing, meditation and healing prayer every day. These natural stress techniques will help you relax yourself, eliminate the stress, and also reduce the blood pressure.

Risks and causes for high blood pressure

There are a great number of risks for this terrible condition, but if you want it can be easily controlled.

Physical inactivity

All of us know that people who are physically inactive have higher chances to get some terrible disease and also high blood pressure. So, start performing some exercises and become physically active person!


Tobacco can increase your blood pressure, because it contains some chemicals that can easily damage the lining of your artery walls, thus causing the narrowed arteries.


You should know that if you are overstressed it can result in temporary increased blood pressure.


High amounts of alcohol are able to damage your heart. So, bear in mind that more than 2 drinks on a daily basis for men and one for women may have negative effects on the blood pressure.


During the age high blood pressure is increased. In fact, usually men over the age of 45 and women over the age of 65 have increased blood pressure.


It is generally known that pregnancy can cause high blood pressure.

Excessive weight

It is good to know that the higher your body weight, the more blood you need to supply oxygen and nutritive elements to your tissues. So, if you are overweight you should reduce your weight since it can increase your blood pressure.

Food that has a lack of potassium

Potassium is a mineral that balances the sodium levels of your cells. In addition, if you don’t consume it in necessary amounts, too much sodium will be absorbed in your blood stream.

Certain chronic conditions

The high blood pressure can be caused by kidney disease, sleep apnea and also diabetes.

Foods that contain excessive amounts of sodium

These foods can cause your body to retain fluid, thus leading to increased blood pressure.

It is shocking information that, nowadays, besides the adults, children can also be affected by the risk of high blood pressure. Furthermore, these suffer from this condition at a too young age due to their poor lifestyle.

Main information about high blood pressure

To start with the systolic blood pressure – it happens when your heart beats while pumping blood. Diastolic blood pressure – when your heart makes a break between beats.

You should avoid the following food in order to reduce high blood pressure: sugar, alcohol, foods rich in sodium, trans fat acids and omega-6 fats, and caffeine. On the other hand, you should consume these foods: Mediterranean diet foods, foods rich in potassium, foods rich in fibre, omega-3 foods, apple cider vinegar, tea and dark chocolate, as well. In addition, there are also supplements and lifestyle changes you can add in order to regulate your blood pressure.

In fact, in the USA about 70 million adults are affected by high blood pressure, which is about one of every three adults.

Unfortunately, there are not any specific symptoms of this condition but, there are some warning signs, such as: headaches, pain in chest, irregular heartbeat, confusion, ear noise or buzzing, bleeding from the nose, tiredness, or blurred vision.

Actually, one of five American adults with high blood pressure are still not aware of their condition, because there are no specific high blood pressure symptoms despite having even dangerously high levels.

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