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15 Things Why You Are Feeling Bloated!

Sometimes your diet and also your lifestyle habits are responsible for your bloated belly. In addition, we are going to reveal you which are the main reasons why you experience that awful feeling:

1. Seltzer

You should know that the seltzer is able to cause abdominal bloating, because of the bubbly goodness of carbonated seltzer.

2. Alcohol

Alcohol is also one of the main reasons for a bloated belly. In other words, alcohol is able to dehydrate your organism, so bear in mind, next time you decided to drink alcohol you should drink at least one glass of water for every alcoholic drink.

3. Gum

It is considered that gum chewing can be a pretty harmless habit, but in case you are really an avid gum chewer and you usually experience embarrassing or even painful bloating fits, then, you should try to avoid this habit.

4. Canned soup

You may have thought that it is a healthy food, with a lot of vegetables, but the truth is that these soups contain sodium and salt. So, it is recommended to avoid this food if you have bloating problems.

5. Protein bars

Despite these protein bars are labelled they are abundant in proteins they actually contain small amounts of fibre. In addition, fibres can stimulate and regulate your bowel function and relieve bloating.

6. Artificial sweeteners

You should also avoid the consumption of diet soda because it contains artificial sweeteners. Also, indigestible compounds are found in it that are able to cause expansion and fullness feeling in your stomach.

7. Straws

In case you drink something through a straw, you actually suck up air bubbles along with the beverage. In other words, these bubbles pass down into your throat and your stomach and in this way you can experience bloating and gases, as well.

8. Corn

In fact, corn is a healthy food but unfortunately, it can lead to a bloated belly. It happens as a result of carbohydrates that are found in corn, and it is difficult for your organism to break them down, thus causing gases and bloating in your belly.

9. Onions

It is very interesting that onions are able to make you cry, but it is not so interesting that they can also cause you a bloated belly. Furthermore, onions contain nutritive elements that are excellent for your overall health, but they are not so good in case you want to have a flat belly, without gases.

10. Leafy green vegetables

Cabbage, broccoli, and kale contain raffinose, i.e., a natural sugar ingredient, which your organism finds it difficult to digest. Since, it causes gases and flatulence in your stomach. But, when the enzymes found in your stomach broke this ingredient down the bloating disappears.

11. Pizza

You should know that pizza is one of the major causes of bloating as a result of the fact that it is made up of dairy products, fat, and sodium that are able to expand your stomach as well as to cause that unpleasant stomach issues.

12. Dehydration

As you know that dehydration can lead to bloating, so it is recommended to drink a glass of water and then you will feel that the unpleasant feeling in your stomach disappears.

13. Smoking

Actually, smoking is a harmful habit, which can result in damage of your lungs as well as heart. It is also able to reduce your gastrointestinal tract contractions, thus causing an awful feeling of a bloated stomach.

14. Snoring

By snoring you actually bring air into your mouth, thus resulting in passing the air bubbles into your throat and stomach, which causes a bloated feeling.

15. Netflix

Bloating can also be caused by sitting for long time periods. Moreover, your bowels don’t actually move if you sit in one place for hours. Therefore, you should walk and move your body, for instance: you can walk at least 5 minutes here and there, instead of just sitting in front of Netflix for longer periods in a row.

In fact, the above mentioned causes of bloated feeling are just some of them. Of course, there are a lot of causes, but in case you usually experience bloating and other symptoms related to it, it is recommended to consult your physician.

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