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Cancerous Cells Are Starved and 45,000 Cancer Sufferers Are Cured Thanks to This Diet!

This cancer protocol is considered to be only effective on those who are recently diagnosed with cancer and do not have a fast-growing form of cancer as well as do not have much spread cancer! But in case you suffer from an advanced cancer and has undergone a lot of radiation, chemotherapy, or surgery or you have a cancer form that potentially grows fast, this protocol is not recommended for you!
The Austrian doctor, Rudolf Breuss, was famous for his dedication to discover an effective natural cancer cure.

After years of studying and examining many natural ingredients, he developed a juicing diet that lasts 42 days created to destroy developing cancer cells. Furthermore, this diet was introduced in 1980, and since then over 45,000 cancer patients claimed it to be extremely beneficial and helped them a lot in their treatment.

It is also referred to as The Breuss Total Cancer Treatment, which includes vegetables, fruits, and herbs that are taken in a liquid form within a period of 42 days. It is created to starve the cancer cells to death by not feeding them with any solid food proteins as the cancer cells do not have the same metabolism as the normal cells. However, this diet does not lead to any harmful effects on normal cells.
What’s more, many people who are not diagnosed with cancer have also tried the diet and reported positive effects, such as:

  • Increased energy levels
  • Decreased risk of cold and flu
  • Improved sleep patterns


The diet does not include consuming any solid foods in the period of 42 days. But, vegetables should be turned into a juice.

Ingredients per one serving:

  • 3-4 celery sticks
  • 1 medium-sized carrot
  • 1 large beetroot
  • 1 black radish
  • Half a potato

Note: It is not recommended to consume more than half a liter of the juice daily. In order to remove any pulp, juice and strain the ingredients.

Observe The Creation Of Breuss Juice

Watch the following video to learn how to make the juice. But, in the video, the amount of the ingredients is doubled and they make two servings. Plus, they’ve also added celeriac, which is an anti-cancer root vegetable that is also added in the Hippocrates soup in the Gerson Therapy.

Why Is This Diet So Effective?

Dr. Breuss pointed out that cancerous cells thrive on solid food protein and so his diet is made up of juice that will literally starve the cancer cells.

Remarkable health benefits of the ingredients:

It is highly recommended to use only organic ingredients!

- Carrot

The Newcastle University’s researchers found that carrots possess polyacetylenes, i.e., tumor-fighting compounds that lower the growth of tumors.

There are also other studies suggesting that carrots include falcarinol, which is another anti-cancer compound that decreased tumor size in rats by 1/3.

- Beet

This veggie has been used in cancer treatment for centuries by the Europeans. Additionally, it provides the body with oxygen and nutrients, thus fighting off disease.

That’s not all, beets can also fight tumors by eliminating carcinogenic toxins from the lymphatic system, kidneys, and liver.

- Celery

According to study done in 2013, celery destroyed 86% of lung cancer cells as a result of its powerful compound called apigenin.

The last research conducted on apigenin also confirmed that the compound stopped the cancer cells from quick multiplying.

- Radish

It can provide the body with a lot of anthocyanins and vitamin C and also detoxify it.

This vitamin completely destroys cancer cells, whereas anthocyanins have great antioxidant effects, so that they fight against free radicals and prevent any damage of DNA.

- Potato

This vegetable suppressed the reproduction of prostate, colon, cervical, stomach, liver, and lymphoma cancer cells as well as led to apoptosis, i.e., death of the cancer cells, according to the studies.

Prior to starting on the Breuss Cancer Cure, consider reading the book for a comprehensive understanding of the diet by Rudolf Breuss.

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