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This Happens To Your Brain, Heart And Waistline When You Eat 3 Bananas A DAY!

Eating only 3 bananas on a daily basis can significantly lower the heart stroke or heart attack risk.

Your organism will be provided with enough potassium that is able to lower the risk of brain blood clot by 21 % if you consume one banana at breakfast, one at lunch, and one at dinner.


Health nutrients and benefits of banana

Did you know that this fruit is abundant in potassium, vitamins B6 and C, manganese, biotin, and dietary fiber that help you have a proper digestion? And it is also good to know that the average banana has about 108 calories.

Bananas are delicious and healthy fruit for all people that perform any sport, especially for athletes, who need extra energy because of its low percentage in glycemic carbohydrates. According to some studies, consuming three bananas per day can provide you with enough energy to complete an intense 90-minute workout.

Additional health benefits of eating 3 bananas on a daily basis

We are going to present you the additional health benefits of eating 3 bananas on a daily basis:

- It lowers depression: Bananas contain tryptophan, a type of protein that is converted into serotonin by your body. The serotonin is a compound that has a capacity to make your body feel relaxed and to improve your mood, as well.

- It controls blood pressure: The bananas potassium is able to control heart function.

- It treats hangovers: Banana smoothies with added honey may help you treat hangovers.

- It improves bone mass: It is also good to know that the potassium prevents bones from decaying at rapid rate.

- It fights against stress: Did you know that the potassium is used to regulate the heartbeat? When you are under stress, your metabolic rates rise and potassium levels drop quickly, therefore you should consume bananas that will help you rebalance your heartbeat.

- It cleanses your body from negative effects of smoking: This fruit is a great source for vitamins B12 and B6. These vitamins may help your organism recover from the negative effects of nicotine.

- It helps PMS: Your glucose levels can be regulated and also your mood can be enhanced by the vitamin B6 found in bananas.

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