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This Is How To Reduce High Blood Pressure In 5 Minutes Without The Use Of Drugs!

As it is a modern disease, most of the people have sometimes experienced high blood pressure as a result of stress and many other factors, for instance: excessive salt and alcohol consumption, lack of sleep, smoking, as well as excessive weight.

Moreover, it is good to know that the muscle straining can be caused by stress and excessive physical activity. In this way your blood vessels are constricted thus leading to a high blood pressure. So it is recommended to relax your muscles.

Continue reading in order to find out the revealed Chinese secret medicine that is able to lower the increased blood pressure by Lu Huns, a doctor of the Moscow football club “Spartak”.

The best way to lower your increased blood pressure within 5 minutes without taking any medications

1. You should simply massage the line that passes behind your earlobe of the middle of the clavicle with almost unnoticeable gentle movement with your hand from top to bottom. It is recommended to repeat this procedure at least 10 times on each side.

2. Now you are probably wondering how to find this point. It is very easy – It is at your earlobe on a distance of half a centimeter for your ear in the direction towards your nose.

After you find it, then you should massage it with your fingertips for about 1 min on both sides of your face. Furthermore, you should just press hard this point in order to feel pain, i.e., you have to feel pressure to a certain point, and it is really not important if you massage it according to clockwise or not.

After you finish this easy treatment, you should notice that your blood pressure is lowered.

Dr. Lu Huns reveals that in this way you regulate your proper blood flow, which is of a great importance.

Also, according to Chinese medicine the most significant thing is the proper blood flow. On the other hand, if there is blood stagnation, a certain disease can be developed at that point.

To sum up, therefore it is of a great importance to massage the key points in order to treat certain health issues.

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