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This Is Why Drinking Water First Thing After Waking Up Has Huge Health Benefits!

Drinking water first thing in the morning right after you get up of bad can be great therapy for a numerous of health qualities – starting from asthma to cancer. This amazing therapy with water have origins from an ancient medicine called Ayurveda. The name of the therapy was translated from Sanskrit as “early morning water-therapy”. Drinking water on an empty stomach absolve the internal body system. The most important results of this therapy is the cleaning the colon that helps the body to absorb the food nutrients.

This Is Why Drinking Water First Thing After Waking Up Has Huge Health Benefits!

As following, we are offering you the water treatment procedure:

First think in the morning, right after you get out from bed take four glasses fluoride-free water (note: not from faucet). You can also have distilled water by adding some minerals in it such as baking soda. If you cannot drink the whole four glasses you can make a pause and have them on the way to work but it has to be on an empty stomach.

Don’t eat or drink something else for 45 min. After that period of time you can have anything you want.

30 min. before you have meal always drink a cup of water .Don’t drink and eat anything for the next two hours after a meal.

You will start feeling your health improvement real quick.

Conforming to JMS (Japanese Medical Society) would take you 10 days of treatment to the treat constipation and 10 days for treating gastric problems, too, and 30 days for high blood pressure treatment.

Here we offering you some more proven facts about water treatment benefits for an extra motivation:

Starting up the metabolism by whop 24% in 90 min.

You have dehydration every time you wake up, anyway!

Water is helping you to flush out the toxins from the body!

Our brain tissue is 75% of water!

You will start eating less if you drink water 30 min. before you have meal and still feel full!

Your immunity system will get better and you will not get cold for the next flu season!





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