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This Little Weed Is One of the Most Useful Medicines on the Planet


Do you know what plantain is? This herb is usually mistaken as a weed. You may have seen this herb somewhere but you haven’t paid attention on it.

Actually, it is a herb that originates from and Europe. There are two types of plantain: Broadleaf and Lance. It usually grows in the rocky, poor soil along the dandelions and its leaves are edible, and can be used in salads or they can also be cooked. Furthermore, its health benefits are still not revealed while its name was the “White Man’s Foot”.

The plantain had been used for bug bites treatment by hikers. It is a powerful remover of the toxins from the human body. In order to treat the bug bites or bee stings you should cut its leaves and put it on the affected area, and then cover it with a clean and soft piece of cloth and leave it four to twelve hours for the best results. It can be used for rashes, acne, glass splinters, and slivers, as well.

This herb can be also used in order to create a natural balm for emergency kits, or it can be used as an ingredient in your homemade skin wash. The plantain can be also used as a powerful remedy for hemorrhoids.

It is good to know that the plantain leaves and seeds can improve your digestive system that have a soothing and healing effect. In addition, they can be very effective for people whose digestive system is affected by the long-lasting usage of medications that have anti-inflammatory, analgesic, or antibiotics properties. It can be an excellent remedy for Celiac disease or food allergies.

Furthermore, its leaves are used for tea preparation or can be added into soups, while its seeds can either be used in ground or soaked form. You can lose weight if you consume its ground seeds that contain fibre, and mucilage, but, make sure to consume them before your meals.

This amazing herb is abundant in silica and it can also acts as a gentle natural expectorant. Therefore, it can be very effective in order to treat colds, coughs, and lung disorders. It contains natural diuretic properties that can be also a powerful solution for any types of kidney disorders, and also it is able to help soothe menstruation by slowing down the blood flow. Plantain can be used externally to prevent the wounds bleeding. Various types of skin disorders can also be treated by this wonderful herb.

To conclude, plantain can be an excellent solution for various health problems. You should incorporate this herb into your diet in a form of a salad or just chew it for thirst reduction. Just try it and you will be satisfied and healthy all the time.

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