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This Natural Antibiotic Is Able to Destroy 650 Different Pathogens and Infections Just within 72 Hours!

Despite the fact that its use was discontinued in 1938 when the produced medications became the norm, but Colloidal silver has been long used as an excellent medication in the homeopathic treatment. According to a lot of researches silver does not really has effects on the human body, but it still contains extraordinary benefits that can be rarely compared with any produced medication.

In fact, Colloidal silver is non-toxic to humans but it has a strong capacity to destroy 650 different bacteria, fungi and virus types, which make it the best option compared with five or ten different antibiotics. In addition, these organisms actually are made up of a single cell, and they can be easily destroyed with the silver ions, because they are bioactive in their most basic form.

Colloidal silver is able to destroy the following maladies from the human body:

1. Ear infections

The colloidal silver has a strong capacity to destroy any bacteria which can lead to an ear infection and therefore it is extremely beneficial in the treatment of ear infections. It is quite simple, just put the silver into your infected ear.

2. Eye infections

This silver has excellent antibacterial properties, and since it doesn’t affect the tissues, it will not cause any pain during the treatment. Moreover, it is so gentle that can be even applied on an eye infection in infants.

3. Psoriasis

You should know that psoriasis usually occurs at the presence of bacteria that irritates your skin, for instance, similar to those that result in acne formation by clogging the pores. In addition, colloidal silver if used topically acts as a powerful antibacterial agent.

4. Acne

As we mentioned above, acne can usually be caused by bacteria that clog your pores. But, by using colloidal silver you can get rid of them, i.e., it is able to destroy the bacteria and also to clear your pores. You should know that you can freely wash your face with it or just apply it directly to your skin.

5. Eczema

Eczema is a disease, which easily cause skin inflammation often as a result of bacteria. Colloidal silver can kill these bacteria, thus decreasing inflammation.

6. Common warts

A virus can cause these warts to appear, because it actually infects your skin. Most people find it difficult to remove them, and by using colloidal silver you can get rid of them completely, but, it will take you a longer period.

7. Herpes

In order to get rid of the herpes virus you can take colloidal silver, externally or internally.

8. Yeast infections

Most women suffer from a vaginal yeast infection, i.e., a vaginal infection that causes a great number of yeast cells to grow in the vagina. In addition, the silver ions can prevent the vaginal yeast from growing and they can destroy them in most cases.

9. Sinus issues

Either viral or bacterial infections can result in certain problems with sinuses. However, colloidal silver is able to destroy many germs which cause those sinus issues and you can apply it using a nasal inhaler.

10. Common colds

In fact, most colds are caused by a simple viral infection therefore they can be treated by using a nasal spray of colloidal silver. In addition, it cannot affect human tissues, and so it is safe for all ages.

11. Flu viruses

Colloidal silver can be extremely beneficial in elimination of most common flu viruses. According to some studies it is also able to destroy the swine flu.

12. Pneumonia

This condition is actually lungs infection caused by virus, fungi, or bacteria. In almost all cases antibiotics don’t give greater results, but colloidal silver has better effects in the treatment, as a result of the fact that it is able to destroy both viral aas well as bacterial infections.

13. Tonsillitis

Tonsillitis is a condition of infected tonsils. Also, you should know that you can lower this kind of an infection with colloidal silver, not by just by removing the tonsils.


Although a few studies have been carried out on the subject, they showed that colloidal silver is able to lower the presence of virus in patients as well as to lower its activity.

15. Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is a disease caused by bacterial lung infections and fortunately, it can be effectively treated by using a colloidal silver inhaler that has been proven to be superior option to standard medications, which are actually more expensive.

To sum up, colloidal silver has been used over 75 years after it was discounted by the pharmaceutical industry, thanks to its antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal as well as disinfectant properties.

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