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Thyme Essential Oil Has Been Proven to Destroy Over 98% of Breast Cancer Cells in Just 72 Hours!

Over the past few years, essential oils have become all the rage. This is not surprising since they provide a great number of health benefits, like boosting mood, fighting off infections, managing stress, and alleviating pain.

Namely, therapeutic grade essential oils are distilled from the leaves, flowers, or bark of a plant and provide physical as well as psychological benefits. According to Hippocrates, who is known as the father of medicine, thyme`s therapeutic uses are excellent in the treatment of respiratory issues.

Thyme essential oil is actually an extremely powerful antioxidant, supporting the digestive, immune, nervous, and respiratory system. Moreover, it contains thymol, i.e., one of the naturally occurring biocides that are able to destroy detrimental organisms.

As thyme is native to the Mediterranean, it is not surprising that it is a primary ingredient in Mediterranean cuisine. It is considered that this explains the fact that Greek women suffer less from breast cancer than American women.

What’s more, there is a Turkish team of researchers at Celal Bayar University, which carried out a study in order to find out how Wild Thyme affects breast cancer activity.

The results of the study, showing that Wild Thyme induced cell death in breast cancer cells was published in the journal Nutrition and Cancer.

In addition, it has been proven that thyme essential oil kills 98% of human breast cancer in vitro just after 72 hours of treatment. But, it was at a concentration of 0.05%, because at 0.01%; thyme essential oil destroyed 40% of the cells.

Also, there are other studies on thyme that have shown it works against ovarian and oral cancer.

Furthermore, thyme also helps:

- Lower chronic fatigue syndrome symptoms

- Increase low blood pressure and circulation

- Ease nervousness and anxiety

- Fight insomnia

- Remove bad breath and body odor

- Regulate menstrual flow

- Prevent cellulite

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