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Tommy Chong of ‘Cheech & Chong’ Fame: “I’m Cancer-Free” Thanks to Hemp Oil and the Right Diet!


Cancer causes great fear for millions of people around the world, and when most of them are diagnosed with it, they actually regard it as a veritable death sentence.

Of course, there are doctors, who usually regard it as a death sentence out in the open.

But, Canadian native, actor and Tommy Chong of Cheech and Chong fame saw his own cancer diagnosis as something completely different, just like a lot of people who are knowledgeable in natural medicine do. This man kept calm when he saw the diagnosis and got his diet and stress under control, and started taking his health seriously again.

In May 2013, he proclaimed himself to be cancer-free due to a disciplined diet under the guidance of a naturopath, as well as the use of hemp or hash oil as a supplement.

The personal healing protocol of Chong

Chong noted in the blog post on his website that he was told that a high frequency treatment, which could only be done in Mexico would cost him $25,000, and it would be the best option to treat his Stage One, slow-developing prostate cancer, but he decided to search for other alternatives.

In addition, he met with a Dr. McKinnon in Victoria, British Columbia through a nephew in Vancouver.

This man was given a new diet and supplement routine and he said within a year he managed to bring his Prostate-Specific Antigen test numbers down, even to that point where the cancer was no longer a huge threat.

He used hemp or hash oil as part of his diet, much as author and healer Rick Simpson suggests in his Phoenix Tears protocol.

Chong attended a session with Adam Dream-healer, who is the world-renowned energy healer, as well, as part of his program.

To explain you in detail, dream-healer’s sessions actually focus on group healing, visualization exercises and other complementary techniques, which help put the body into a prime mental state for healing.

Unluckily, this is an aspect of healing that is ignored by most people, but Chong was smart to include it into his own natural healing protocol, even if just for one session.

In fact, there are a number of ways to heal emotionally and eliminate stress from our lives, but a lot of sick people unfortunately are not given the chance to embrace this sort of lifestyle or methodology.

A Few thoughts on Chong’s cancer recovery

A lack of research surrounding natural cancer treatments actually continues to hold back the movement, and negatively impact the health of million patients.

So, the hospitals should do a better job of working with the natural health movement and start taking diet, supplements, and emotional health seriously in order the patients to have a better chance of survival.

When it comes to cancer, speaking of the emotional side of things is one that’s usually grossly overlooked.

Bear in mind, stress combined with a poor diet, particularly one high in refined sugar, is most often a contributor to cancerous cell growths.

Most of the people I’ve personally known to have treated their cancer naturally, besides healing their physical bodies, they were also healing their emotional states, by finding a way to take time off of work and relax, addressing underlying stressors or other issues, which have been holding them back from becoming optimistic again, and at least, finding their purpose and value in life.

Remember, natural cancer healing may be possible, but what a lot of people don’t understand is just how important the biology of belief and a person’s mindset factors into the equation.

Also, there are a great number of naturopathic healers who have still lack in experience in this area, so the quality of doctor varies from one place to the next. Now, you probably know why it’s quite important to seek out the best and most experienced naturopathic doctors that have a track record.

To sum up, Chong’s experience is just another piece of evidence, and we should start taking natural cancer protocols seriously, as well as that the value of hemp as natural medicine cannot be underestimated.

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